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Windows 10 security adds facial recognition, whitelisting

Windows 10 security features include hardware-based application whitelisting and facial recognition technology. What could go wrong?


Tips and tools for desktop management

Desktop management tools are the key to making sure things in your fleet are running smoothly. Systems such as Desktop Central and Client Management Suite cover the big five of desktop management.


Software deployment tools ease endpoint management

The software deployment component of your endpoint management system plays an important role in desktop health. So too do monitoring, patching and security capabilities.


Why you need a desktop inventory management tool

Desktop inventory management tools help keep track of how many endpoints are in use and who's using them. That basic information can help with sundry other management tasks, such as budgeting and responses to security breaches.

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    Can I add apps to Windows To Go?

    It's OK to install desktops applications on a Windows To Go image, as long as they're small enough to fit on the USB drive and can run locally.

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    Own your next hardware demo with these tips

    Treat a hardware demo like you're going on stage. Prepare your script, rehearse like crazy and make sure your material is rock solid.

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    Navigating Windows 10

    Everyone remembers the debacle that was Windows-sans-Start, but Windows 10 navigation puts the Start menu back in play, with some tweaks.

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