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  • How to set up a network with Windows security in mind

    Learn how to set up a network in this tip. Kevin Beaver reviews some often overlooked Microsoft Windows security steps that will make your network as secure as possible.

  • How to use GPOs to deny folder permissions

    You can use a Group Policy Object (GPO) to deny folder permissions in Windows. Find out how to manage folder permissions with GPOs with this advice from Kevin Beaver.

  • How can I run third-party antivirus software?

    If you ever have trouble downloading and running antivirus software, this expert advice will teach you to use Internet Explorer security settings to allow the download.

  • How can I detect IP addresses that connect to IIS?

    If you've ever wanted to detect IP addresses that try to connect to your IIS (Internet Information Services) servers, this advice can help.

  • How can I recover lost files?

    If your administrator account is compromised, data recovery can be a tall task. Learn to recover lost files with this advice from Windows hardening expert Jonathan Hassell.

  • How can I disable file transfer in MSN Messenger?

    Sometimes, you might not want to allow messenger programs like MSN Messenger to allow file transfer. Find out how to use firewall rules to block ports and secure file transfer in messenger programs.

  • How do I bypass Windows Firewall to scan IP addresses?

    Windows Firewall can make it difficult to perform certain network security tests in a Windows network, like scanning IP addresses. Learn how to circumvent the Microsoft Firewall in this tip.

  • How can I recover data after rebuilding my machine?

    If you're not careful, data recovery after rebuilding a machine may be impossible, as you can lose any necessary recovery agents for your data. Read what security expert Jonathan Hassell has to say...

  • Sharing files and folders in Windows XP

    Managing permissions in Windows XP is not always simple. Windows security expert Kevin Beaver explains how you can manage permissions in Windows XP and when you should install Windows Server 2003 a...

  • Locked out of Windows 2000 computer

    Several things can cause you to be locked out of a Windows 2000 machine. Windows security expert Kevin Beaver details a few of them.

  • Prevent copying files from shared folders to remote computers

    It's a tricky issue -- how to stop users from copying files from shared folders. Learn how to manage a user's file and folder copying rights with this advice from Windows security expert Kevin Beaver.

  • Selectively set read and write permissions

    Manage the read and write permissions of certain hardware devices like Bluetooth headsets and external drives with this advice from Jonathan Hassell.

  • Delete write-protected folders

    Some folders are write protected and are a nuisance to delete. Find out how to get rid of write-protected folders with this advice from Jonathan Hassell.

  • Hack into a multiple hard drive system

    If you have ever needed to hack into a Windows system for lost information, you could use the advice and system-hacking tools suggested here by Windows security threats expert Kevin Beaver.

  • Restricted Web sites

    Spyware infections can possibly restrict your favorite Web sites. Find out how to avoid this with this advice from Windows security threats expert Kevin Beaver.

  • Spoofed email addresses

    Your email address can be spoofed by any person at any time. According to Windows security expert, Kevin Beaver, you should use digital signatures to prevent this.

  • Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 encryption for Remote Desktop

    Learn best practices for encryption of Remote Desktop in Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 with this advice from Windows security threats expert Kevin Beaver.

  • Managing a password policy

    Sometimes, your password security policy doesn't enforce the rules exactly the way you want them to. In times like this, look to the password management advice Kevin Beaver offers here.

  • Aero transparency in Vista

    Find out why Windows Vista Ultimate reverts to Windows Basic with this advice from Windows security threats expert Kevin Beaver.

  • Restricting user permissions in folders

    If you have a question about managing the permissions of a folder in your domain, this advice from Jonathan Hassell tells you how to set those permissions and prevent users from deleting that folder.