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August 2006

  • Changing and removing the Admin password

    Windows security threats expert Kevin Beaver recommends a tool that can help you crack the Admin password in Windows Server 2003.

  • Fighting through troublesome malware

    Some malware are nothing more than a pain in the butt. Others, however, can go as far as to prevent your most critical systems from opening properly. See what Windows security threats expert Kevin ...

  • Third-party patch management tools: Reasons to say yes, reasons to say no

    Struggling with patch deployment every month? Considering a third-party product? Contributor Serdar Yegulalp offers ten things to think about before making the jump from Microsoft utilities to a th...

  • Microsoft probes alleged Internet Explorer flaw

    A research group claims attackers could launch malicious code using a flaw in the way Internet Explorer instantiates certain COM objects' ActiveX controls.

  • Handling patch emergencies

    Managing an Active Directory environment means juggling hordes of Microsoft patches, which is even more precarious for domain controllers (DC).

  • Who is reading my email?

    Ever been curious if someone else is reading your email? With these recommended pieces from Windows security threats expert Kevin Beaver, you can actually find out.

  • Windows XP SP2 installation fouling up system startup?

    All installations of Windows XP SP2 do not go as planned. In this case, the system would not boot properly following installation. Find out what Windows security expert Kevin Beaver says to do in t...

  • Process Explorer 10.2: Client security aid

    Hopefully everyone knows and uses Process Explorer, Sysinternals' replacement for Task Manager. Contributor Serdar Yegulalp is a big proponent of its many functions, which include a few client secu...

  • E-mail Security Webcast Series: Locking down Exchange Server

    Locking down your Exchange Server is key to protecting your enterprise environment. In this five-part on-demand webcast series, Exchange expert Lee Benjamin guides you through the necessary steps t...

  • Rootkits: Managing the threat with prevention measures

    Certainly rootkit detection tools are great to have, but taking some preventative measures -- like keeping a snapshot of your file system -- can go a long way toward mitigating the threat of rootki...

  • Hardware driver, app issues can gum up move to x64 Windows

    The two problems administrators moving to 64-bit Windows environments are most likely to encounter are application incompatibility and lack of hardware drivers.

  • BackTrack: The gotta-have free security tool you've never heard of

    Get the power of Linux-based security tools on Windows with this free suite of open source security tools. Contributor and vulnerability assessment expert Kevin Beaver introduces BackTrack and expl...

  • Adding files to previously shared folders in Windows XP SP2

    Windows networking expert Wes Noonan explains an issue with file sharing. If you have had problems adding files to previously shared folders, you'll want to read what he's got to say.

  • MS06-040 review: 'Urgently critical' patch release

    Exploits of the MS06-040 flaw are running rampant. According to contributor Tony Bradley, that bulletin should have been marked 'urgently critical.' Tony reviews MS06-040 and recommends some ways t...

  • Destroy data from your Windows system properly

    How often do we hear about sensitive data falling into the wrong hands? And that data is usually on laptops, imagine the embarrassment if that data was found on something that was thrown away? Cont...

  • Freebie antiphishing tool verifies domain information

    SpoofStick is a free browser toolbar that helps defeat phishing scams by telling users exactly what domain they're in at any given time.

  • Windows Vista deployment issues

    Improved security is bound to be one of the primary drivers of Vista adoption regardless of last week's Black Hat developments. But there are myriad challenges that await ambitious administrators, ...

  • Installing systems across a network

    In this interactive discussion from our IT Knowledge Exchange, one user wonders how to install MS Office 2003 for an entire network without manually going to each machine.

  • Malware Glossary

    Malware is everywhere these days. In every email or IM and around every corner of the Internet is a new type of virus, worm or vulnerability, and you need to know exactly what you're up against. Wi...

  • VMware, Wyse take on managed desktops

    Wyse can now run VMware virtual desktops on its terminals, offering IT managers another approach to desktop virtualization.