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  • CMD.exe NOT Going Away in Win10

    Ed Tittel 06 Jan 2017
  • Contrary to numerous reports, CMD.exe not going away in Windows 10. True, recent Insider Preview builds replace it with Powershell in many menus.

  • Handy PING Sweep Tool

    Ed Tittel 04 Jan 2017
  • Network admins nearly always want to know who's on their networks. This handy PING sweep tool tells them in compact, readable form.

  • New WU Troubleshooter to Try

    Ed Tittel 02 Jan 2017
  • Sure, there's a Windows Update troubleshooter built into Control Panel. But savvy Win10 admins will download and use a new WU troubleshooter version instead.

  • BSOD Meet GSOD!

    Ed Tittel 29 Dec 2016
  • Recently leaked Insider Preview Windows 10 build 14997 introduces lots of changes, among them a green screen of death. BSOD meet GSOD!

  • Panoramic Desktop Themes for Win10

    Ed Tittel 26 Dec 2016
  • Those with 2 monitors need panoramic themes to take full advantage of available screen real estate. These panoramic desktop themes work for Windows 10.

  • Free Win7 Games Download

    Ed Tittel 23 Dec 2016
  • When Windows 8 came along, the built-in desktop games from Windows 7 became unusable. Grab this free Win7 games download for Windows 10 today.

  • Secondary Malware Scanners

    Ed Tittel 21 Dec 2016
  • No matter how good your antimalware defenses are, a periodic secondary scan is prudent. Here's a look at an admin's arsenal of secondary malware scanners.