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  • Can Microsoft map the future of IT?

    Microsoft is in an unusually busy period, releasing new versions of 12 of its products, with an eye toward better integration of systems and applications to brace environments for the cloud era. With coverage of Office 365 to Windows Desktop and Server to Office 15 and Exchange, this e-book looks at the feature updates that could make a difference in how you operate your day-to-day IT environment all the way from the data center to mobile devices.

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  • Why a Windows 7 upgrade is worthwhile

    Windows 7 is Microsoft’s highly anticipated successor to Windows Vista. With this release, Microsoft aimed to address user frustrations with Vista and hoped to give Windows XP users a reason to upgrade as well. Feedback has shown that enhancements to security, stability and usability have made Windows 7 a welcome platform for corporate users. These features can make it worth the investment. Read this new e-Book to learn more about why a Windows 7 upgrade can help your enterprise.

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