Manage mobile devices smarter, not harder (updated)

Smart mobile device management, revisited

Smartphones can be found almost anywhere, and tablets are beginning to make their way into the enterprise, so many of your users are likely checking email and connecting to the corporate network via these devices.

But what's the best way to manage and secure mobile devices? We've compiled tips, tutorials, reviews and more to help you update your enterprise's portable device management strategy. Also, find out which smartphone applications and features are worth a second look.

Table of contents:

The latest on smartphones

Three hundred million Apple iPhone 5s?

Apple has placed an order for 300 million parts for its iPhone 5. More than a few of those will no doubt make it into the enterprise.

iPhone adoption: Easing the iPhone into the enterprise

Many organizations find iPhone adoption to be a challenge. Mobile managers and networking pros must manage iPhone support costs and risk security exposure. They must also work around hardware and operating system limitations while finding ways to integrate the iPhone into the enterprise. This tip explores the challenges and possible strategies for enterprise iPhone adoption.

Integrating Windows Phone 7 with SharePoint enterprise systems

Accessing anything on a Windows Phone 7 with SharePoint requires Unified Access Gateway. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to create the SharePoint application in UAG.

Is the iPhone a corporate menace?

After a year in which the iPhone was the big dog in the consumer smartphone market, Apple is getting ready to make some changes that will put it near the head of the pack among business phones, too.

Will desktop apps ever work on mobile devices?

Much to the dismay of users, many enterprise apps don't function properly on smartphones. IT pro Mike Nelson explores the root of the problem and proposes a solution.

More mobile devices support virtual desktops -- but are they practical?

Which mobile devices can you use to access virtual desktops? When is it practical to use an iPad or smartphone to access a desktop remotely? Find the answers here.

How to manage the new, more powerful mobile devices

Smartphones just keep getting smarter. Is your enterprise ready to handle this new security threat?

Business interest soars in wake of iPhone 4 and iOS 4

The new features in iOS 4 may increase the use of iPhones in the workplace. (From

Windows Phone 7: Is it right for your business?

Users may be tempted by Microsoft's shiny new smartphone platform, but Windows Phone 7 may not be the right choice for enterprises.

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Tablets in the enterprise

Configuration profiles: An iPad administrator's best friend

The influx of iPads and other mobile devices into the enterprise may worry IT administrators, but configuration profiles allow for centralized management of iOS devices.

Tablets in the enterprise: Where they make sense

Everyone's talking about tablets, and while these touch-screen devices aren't an alternative to desktops, in certain cases, they can be handy in the enterprise.

Responding to the top three iPad complaints in the enterprise

The iPad is making its way into the enterprise, so you're bound to encounter difficulties with it. Here are the top three complaints you might come across and ways to resolve them.

Citrix's free remote desktop management app for iPad hits iTunes

In this podcast, interviews the CTO of Citrix Online Services on the new GoToManage application for iPad for remote desktop management.

IT shops would like to see Windows apps ported to tablets

Some IT pros want PC-based apps ported to tablets and other mobile devices. But Microsoft needs to convince developers to get on board.

Preparing for tablets in the enterprise

Tablets have taken the computing world by storm, and now they're moving into the enterprise. Prepare for the inevitable with the tips and reviews in this guide.

Tablet licensing rules with Microsoft Office

As tablets make their way into the enterprise, it might be time to brush up on licensing rules for mobilizing Microsoft Office. We also provide some solutions for reducing costs.

Virtual desktop clients for iPads here before enterprise demand

VMware introduced a View Client for the Apple iPad, a device more consumer- than enterprise-driven. IT pros wonder when VMware will tackle more important enterprise needs.

Microsoft girds for iPad war with ARM tablet plans

IT managers in Windows shops can expect Windows 8 to support low power ARM chips for tablets and other devices.

How Apple's iPad could fit into desktop virtualization

Citrix's screenshot of an iPad with Windows 7 could be a sign of things to come. See how the new device could change desktop virtualization.

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Mobile device security

Locking down the new desktop: enterprise mobile devices

Mobile devices have become the new enterprise desktop. These steps can help you plan for smartphone and mobile device security.

The truth about Microsoft licensing for portable devices

Microsoft has a different set of rules for portable devices, including a catch-22 in the company's licensing policy.

iPhone security in the enterprise: Mitigating the risks

Almost immediately after its release, hackers searched for exploitable flaws in the iPhone, and they weren't disappointed. In this tip, an expert examines iPhone-specific attacks and reveals how organizations can limit their exposure as the popular devices infiltrate the enterprise.

Security considerations for Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 is coming to a user near you -- regardless if your enterprise supports it or not. Make sure you prepare for this new threat to enterprise security.

What are the security risks of mobile devices?

There are many ways mobile devices and remote connectivity can put your enterprise in danger. Understanding these security vulnerabilities is crucial for protecting your systems.

Protecting enterprises from mobile devices

Mobile devices can open your IT environment to unlicensed apps, data loss and unauthorized network access. Keep your enterprise safe with these tools and features.

Don't underestimate mobile client security threats

Malware authors haven't overlooked mobile devices, whose growing computing power now poses an inviting target. Be aware of dangers from viruses and accidental data disclosure.

Tools that can boost Windows Mobile security

Security tools that improve Windows Mobile security can be hard to find. Luckily, our expert put together a list of quality tools that can keep your mobile devices safe.

Securing mobile devices: A resource guide for solution providers

This mobile security guide for security solution providers is filled with tips for securing smartphones and tablets.

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Features and apps for smartphones


Quickoffice for iPhone review

Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite is an office suite for Apple iPhone and iPod touch that allows users to access, edit, view and share documents. (From


DataViz Documents To Go 2.0 review

This is a must-have application if you use Microsoft Office and want to view, edit and create documents on your Android smartphone. (From


DataViz Documents To Go 2.0 Premium Edition review

BlackBerrys come preloaded with a stripped-down standard version of DataViz's "Documents to Go" that doesn't allow for new file creation -- but is the premium version worth the money? (From


Mobile Device Manager joins Windows domains to mobile devices

Mobile Device Manager gives IT managers better tools and added network support, and improves management of devices that run Windows Mobile 6.1.

Exchange ActiveSync explained

Exchange ActiveSync brings control and security to mobile environments, while providing ease of use to employees. Get the rundown on the numerous benefits of EAS.

Which ActiveSync authentication method is best for your mobile device?

When securing ActiveSync mobile devices in Exchange 2007, there are several authentication methods, including basic authentication, certificate-based authentication and token-based authentication.

Microsoft Office Mobile 2010

Microsoft's suite of Office apps for Windows Mobile 6.5 has a new feature for sharing documents and ensuring they look as expected. (From

OWA Light vs. Exchange ActiveSync

Should you use OWA Light or Exchange ActiveSync for email on Microsoft Windows Mobile devices? Learn how each affects battery life, security, cost and more.

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Smartphone reviews (from


BlackBerry Torch 9850

The BlackBerry Torch 9850 is designed for smartphone users who prefer large screens instead of physical keyboards.

BlackBerry Bold 9930

The 9930 is the thinnest BlackBerry to date and features the new BlackBerry OS 7, an improved keyboard and a touch-screen.



Along with 4G wireless networking, the HTC EVO 3D offers a 3-D display for its 3-D video camera.

HTC Status

The HTC Status, an Android smartphone, is suited for users focused on messaging and Facebook.


LG Genesis

The LG Genesis is an Android-based smartphone with an innovative design that features two touch-screens and a large keyboard.


Motorola Droid Bionic

The Motorola Droid Bionic is one of the most powerful smartphones available today and has docking capabilities.

Motorola Photon 4G

The Motorola Photon 4G packs a punch -- its capabilities include a 1 GHz dual-core processor, 4.3-in. high-resolution screen, 4G wireless internet, worldwide roaming and a lot of advanced multimedia options.


Samsung Epic 4G Touch

The Samsung Epic 4G Touch is one of the most advanced smartphones available from Sprint, and it has a 4.5 Super Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode Plus touch-screen.

Samsung Galaxy S II

T-Mobile is about to introduce its version of the Samsung Galaxy S II, so here's a first look at what to expect.


Apple iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 has a new design, a better camera and a much improved screen, as well as some hidden treats on the inside. But will it live up to your expectations?

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