Enterprise application management

  • March 31, 2014 31 Mar'14

    Curious About the Win8.1 Spring Update? Take a "Guided Tour!"

    With the Microsoft Build conference teed up for next week, and the Spring Update to Windows 8.1 timed to more or less coincide with that event, I'd have to guess at least some readers are curious ...

  • March 28, 2014 28 Mar'14

    Will Microsoft gain more Office 365 users with Office for iPad?

    Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella hammered home this week the message of reaching out to IT professionals, end users and developers with its Office for iPad and Enterprise Mobility Suite. First, ...

  • March 24, 2014 24 Mar'14

    Windows 8.1 Administrivia: Accessing .mobi files with Kindle

    I saw with some interest this morning that Paul Thurrott is nearing completion of his Windows 8.1 Field Guide, a real e-book bargain at a mere $2 (though the actual amount you pay is up to you, and ...

  • March 21, 2014 21 Mar'14

    Image Resizer: Free, Handy Windows Explorer Shell Extension

    For those not already familiar with the terminology, the software tool "Image Resizer for Windows" is what's called an Explorer Shell Extension (aka ShellEx). When you install it on a Windows PC, ...

  • March 19, 2014 19 Mar'14

    MVA Releases Video Series "Windows 8.1 Deployment Jump Start"

    Through the Microsoft Virtual Academy, the company has released the complete set of videos from its recent Windows 8.1 Deployment Jump Start, free to anybody who wants to look them over. Here's a ...

  • March 18, 2014 18 Mar'14

    Is Surface 2 LTE the right fit for the enterprise?

    Microsoft's Surface 2 with 4G LTE capabilities became available this week but there are downsides that may prevent IT professionals from deploying it to their end users. Anything with Windows 8.1 ...

  • March 17, 2014 17 Mar'14

    Metro Firefox: When They Built It, You Didn't Come!

    Last Friday, Firefox VP Johnathan Nightingale posted a very interesting blog post entitled "Update on Metro." The first paragraph of this post basically announced the company's decision to "take ...

  • March 14, 2014 14 Mar'14

    Nice Preview for Surface Power Cover

    Though units won't ship until March 19 (mid next-week), Paul Thurrott offers up a nice preview of the Surface Power Cover over at his SuperSite. Though this new device will add 1.2 lbs to the ...

  • March 12, 2014 12 Mar'14

    Who Knew? Win8.1 Automatically Enables WBF-compliant fingerprint scanners for login

    In January of this year, I purchased a very nice Stylistic Q704 Tablet PC from Fujitsu's online store. The unit shipped with Windows 7 installed, but I immediately upgraded to Windows 8.1 on the ...

  • March 10, 2014 10 Mar'14

    Windows 8.1 Spring 2014 Update Files "Leak"

    Although I missed this particular boat last Thursday, it seems that files for the upcoming Windows 8.1 Update (apparently to be called the Spring 2014 Update) appeared online by mistake that day. ...

  • March 07, 2014 07 Mar'14

    More on Windows 8.1 with Bing

    Russian leaker WZOR scores one more time, and scores BIG, with his disclosure of the documentation from the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit for Windows 8.1 Update 1, which says the following ...

  • March 05, 2014 05 Mar'14

    Win8.1 Update 1 Released to Mfgrs (RTM)

    According to sources that include Mary Jo Foley, Paul Thurrott, and others, Windows 8.1 Update 1 has been released to OEMs, a milestone usually abbreviated as RTM (for "release to manufacturing" or ...

  • March 03, 2014 03 Mar'14

    Windows 8.1 Bada Bing!?

    The Web's been abuzz with rumors of a low-cost/no-cost version of Windows 8.1 that could be offered as an "upgrade" to Windows 7 users who might otherwise be disinclined to migrate to Windows' ...

  • February 28, 2014 28 Feb'14

    Resuscitating the Soul of an Old Machine on a Newer One

    As fate would have it, I was on an important conference call with clients yesterday at around 2:30 PM my time when I rebooted my machine after installing the recently-issued MS Office 2013 Service ...

  • February 21, 2014 21 Feb'14

    SkyDrive Is Now OneDrive

    The word has been out for a few days now that MS has refreshed (and renamed) its cloud storage offering. What was SkyDrive on Windows 8 devices may now be replaced with OneDrive instead (download ...