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  • Windows pagefile security risks and how to avoid them

    Learn about the security risks involved in using Windows pagefile, and avoid putting your sensitive data in harm's way. 

  • Will Windows Server 2008's delay affect your security?

    Is your Microsoft Windows Vista system at a disadvantage now that Windows Server 2008 won't be available until February 2008? Find out why one industry guru says no. 

  • How to use Microsoft's Malware Removal Starter Kit

    Can Microsoft's new Malware Removal Starter Kit help your shop to further rid itself of pesky invasions? Find out with these helpful setup tips from security expert Brien Posey. 

  • How to secure your Microsoft SharePoint products

    Microsoft SharePoint products are hot right now, and you're probably planning on deploying them in the near future. But do you know how to keep them secure? This checklist provides the necessary steps to take in order to further secure WSS and MOSS. 

  • Microsoft Windows Firewall security

    Learn how to manage Windows Firewall, disable the Microsoft firewall and the basics of Windows Firewall in this section of our network access learning guide. 

  • One patch for Active Directory is a doozy

    Of the six July patches, the worst of the bunch are targeted at Active Directory and the .NET Framework. 

  • Prevent and defend against spyware infection

    Find information on spyware and adware detection, keyloggers and their destructive capabilities, bots, proper spyware removal tactics and antispyware tools. 

  • Scan IP ports without Windows Firewall restrictions

    A properly configured Windows Firewall is great for security, but can also impede your own security scans. Learn how to bypass a secure Windows Firewall and scan for a user's IP address with this advice from Jonathan Hassell. 

  • How can I recover lost files?

    If your administrator account is compromised, data recovery can be a tall task. Learn to recover lost files with this advice from Windows hardening expert Jonathan Hassell. 

  • How can I recover data after rebuilding my machine?

    If you're not careful, data recovery after rebuilding a machine may be impossible, as you can lose any necessary recovery agents for your data. Read what security expert Jonathan Hassell has to say about recovering data after you've reformatted your ...