• Self-service IT administration can be a boon or bane

    Self-service IT administration could lighten the workload for IT admins, but it also raises security issues.

  • saved state

    Saved state, in a virtualization context, is a way to store the current state of a virtual machine so that is possible to return to that state quickly when desired... (Continued)

  • Windows Remote Desktop

    Windows Remote Desktop is a program that allows the user to connect to a computer in another location and interact with it as if it were local. (Continued)

  • Enterprise desktop tutorials

    SearchEnterpriseDesktop.com’s tutorials provide IT professionals with the latest information on implementing, managing and securing Microsoft Windows desktops including Windows Vista, Windows XP, d...

Enterprise Desktop Resources

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  • word processor

    A word processor is a computer program that provides special capabilities beyond that of a text editor such as the WordPad program that comes as part of Microsoft's Windows operating systems. 

  • Security Descriptor Definition Language (SDDL)

    Security Descriptor Definition Language (SDDL) is a formal way to specify Microsoft Windows security descriptors or text strings that describe who owns various objects such as files in the system. The security descriptor may also provide an access c... 

  • Step-by-Step Guide: How to remove spyware (for end users)

    Tired cleaning up spyware problems on a case-by-case basis? This guide will help you teach end users to recognize spyware, and ultimately clean up infections without your help. 

  • Network File System (NFS)

    Switching fabric is the combination of hardware and software that moves data coming in to a network node out by the correct port (door) to the next node in the network. 

  • patch (fix)

    A patch (sometimes called a "fix") is a quick-repair job for a piece of programming. 

  • Microsoft begins year with broken promise

    Microsoft makes the front page once again with code vulnearbility problems. Not a very good start to the new year for Gates and company. 

  • When security software is vulnerable, then what?

    Security software is supposed to help you plug the holes in your OS, but what if the security software itself has holes, what then? 

  • The new bulletin process update

    What the new process from Microsoft is. 

  • Step-by-step guide: Installing Software Update Services on the client

    There are only two changes you need to make in order to install SUS on your users' client machines. But don't try this at home if your PCs are not running XP or Windows 2000 Professional. Here are some installation pointers from Douglas R. Spindler, ... 

  • Change your installation folder location

    How to change it without trouble.