Microsoft Windows Vista operating system

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  • Windows Vista's little surprises

    Have a look inside Windows security guru Mark Minasi's latest book, Administering Windows Vista Security: The Big Surprises, with this excerpt from Chapter 1, "Administering Vista Security: The Little Surprises." 

  • Microsoft Windows Vista: Security enhancements and other key features

    Check out this excerpt from Microsoft Windows Vista Unleashed by Paul McFedries, with details on security features such as User Account Control (UAC) and Windows Firewall. 

  • Windows Vista tips and expert responses

    With the recent releases of Windows Vista and IE7, as well as the future release of Longhorn, the eyes of the security world have been focused squarely on Microsoft. Read up on the security issues of these three MS releases with this collection of ti... 

  • NTFS and the Registry in Vista packaged up

    The Registry and NTFS functions in Windows Vista are now packaged up, or transaction based, and transaction failure is no longer a problem. See an example of this new feature in this book excerpt by Mark Minasi. 

  • BOOT.INI is gone, BCD is here

    There's a little surprise waiting for you in Windows Vista: The boot options are different from those in previous versions of Windows. Learn more about the new boot tool called BCD. 

  • Installing Windows Vista

    Mark Minasi's new book provides a step-by-step explanation of how to install, configure, run, and troubleshoot Windows Vista. Using a focused approach and clear instructions, this book delivers all the information that users need to master the new Wi... 

  • Remote Desktop gets a bit more secure

    Windows Vista adds another level of security to its Remote Desktop feature, hoping to make an admin's life a bit easier. Read all about it in this excerpt from chapter one of Mark Minasi's book, Administering Windows Vista Security: The Big Surprises... 

  • Administering Windows Vista Security: The Big Surprises: Chapter 1 Administering Vista Security: The

    Get an early start on Windows Vista security and the technology shifts you'll need to know as a systems administrator. From leading Windows expert Mark Minasi comes this "just-in-time" book to get you there. This targeted, hands-on guide takes a rapi... 

  • Windows Vista deployment: What's in the box and what's not

    In this webcast, independent expert Mark Minasi -- author of Administering Vista Security: The Big Surprises and Mastering Vista Business -- walks you through the best and worst of the Windows Automated Installation Kit. The presentation is followed ... 

  • How to use BitLocker without TPM in Vista

    the BitLocker function allows you to encrypt your hard drive, but a computer with Trusted Platform Module is preferred. Not to worry...learn how to use BitLocker on a computer without TPM and encrypt your hard drive with this step-by-step guide.