Microsoft Windows XP Pro

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  • A Remote Desktop alternative sheds its drawbacks

    VNC, the cross-platform option for remote control systems, had some drawbacks, some said. But new products from RealVNC close up the gaps. 

  • Securing Remote Desktop

    With all the emphasis on security for Remote Desktop for Windows XP and Server 2003, here's an easy way to secure Remote Desktop. 

  • VNC variant provides remote control boost

    A variant of the VNC open source remote-control software includes third-party enhancements and other improvements without affecting its stability or openness. 

  • Switch network configurations using Netsh command

    Find out how to use the Windows 2000 "Netsh" command to switch your machine between two different network configurations. 

  • Understanding Windows XP file systems FAT32 and NTFS

    When installing Windows XP from scratch, you are prompted to select from two different file systems: FAT32 and NTFS. Find out how to make this choice. 

  • Running System Restore from the Recovery Console (well, sort of)

    Recovery Console has no built-in way to run System Restore. If the Registry is corrupted, it is possible to do a manual restore, to revert the system to a previous Registry version. But the method is far from perfect. 

  • At last, your keyboard can edit Windows Mobile Registry

    Editing the Windows Mobile Registry on a device with minimal or no keyboard is a nightmare. But Mobile Registry Editor lets you remotely edit the Windows Mobile Registry of an attached Windows Mobile device from your own keyboard. 

  • The five most infamous Windows default settings

    Think you're secure just because Microsoft released Service Pack 2? Contributor Jonathan Hassell says you might not be. See what this Windows hardening expert has to say about a problematic set of default settings. 

  • Utility installs, uninstalls apps packaged in .zip files

    Most applications come with an installation mechanism; others come packaged as a single executable file in a .zip archive. To deal with this, NirSoft created a utility called ZipInstaller that installs and uninstalls applications that lack a formal i... 

  • Tool updates Windows XP security settings

    You can get around the limitations of Windows XP's per-user security settings by using a tool called Windows XP Security Console. It allows administrators to assign restrictions to specific users without having to deal with Group Policy Objects or se...