Network intrusion detection and prevention and malware removal

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  • Microsoft Click-To-Run

    Microsoft Click-to-Run is a way to quickly install Microsoft products, including versions of Office 2010 and Office 2013.  

  • stack overflow

    A stack overflow is an undesirable condition in which a particular computer program tries to use more memory space than the call stack has available. In programming, the call stack is a buffer that stores requests that need to be handled. 

About Network intrusion detection and prevention and malware removal

These days, malware can make its way onto your windows desktop machine in any number of ways: rootkit infections, Trojan horse downloads, email phishing and zero-day flaws. With the tips and tools you'll find in our malware intrusion detection, prevention and removal section, you'll be well equipped to fight the fight against the malware infestations that have plagued Windows desktops for years. Learn how to know when your system has become infection, how to prevent these infections from happening in the future and how to remove malware after it has made its way onto your system.