Network intrusion detection and prevention and malware removal

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  • Social engineering tactics for Windows users

    People are generally a little nicer around the holidays, and many hackers are counting on it. Hackers prey on human nature with social engineering tactics designed to acquire user credentials and passwords or gain entry to restricted areas. Contribut... 

  • Disabling services to secure your Web and database servers expert Jonathan Hassell provides tips on locking down your Web and database servers. 

  • Restricting domain user account access from the network


  • Anti-spyware battles rootkits with rootkit tactics

    Security software is going after malicious code where it attacks – at the Windows kernel, or core processing center, level. 

  • Where are rootkits coming from?

    Adware and spyware manufacturers are using rootkits to hide processes and defeat uninstall efforts. Security expert Mikko Hypponen discusses where rootkit malware may embed itself. 

  • Clock's ticking on new Sober onslaught

    Security experts warn that a new attack of the mass-mailing worm was coded into the version responsible for the last outbreak. The next wave is set to start on January 5. 

  • Blaster worm affected 25m PCs: Microsoft

    In the first month after its arrival in August of 2003, the Blaster worm affected 25 million computers, the most ever hit by any single malware attack, according to a Microsoft white paper. 

  • November breaks all malware records

    November was the worst month for malicious software attacks since the industry began to keep record in the 1980s, according to Sophos, and antivirus company. The security firm says it detected more than 1,900 new pieces of malware last month. 

  • Which is the best antispyware?

    This analysis of popular reviews highlights five top consumer antispyware contenders. 

  • Sober storms charts as month's biggest attack

    E-mails bearing a new variant of the Sober virus accounted for as much as 43% of malware traffic in November, at one point representing 1 in every 13 messages, according to security experts. The worm threatens to overwhelm e-mail servers, since it at...