Network intrusion detection and prevention and malware removal

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  • Which is the best antispyware?

    How do you choose the best antispyware product? Don't compare the products, compare the reviews of the products. This consolidation of antispyware reviews and rankings points to a top product. 

  • Data shows spyware becoming 'global pandemic'

    The worldwide spyware threat is only growing, according to a new study, and the most serious hazards -- Trojans and keystroke loggers -- represent a grave threat to corporations. 

  • Spyware responsibilities: From user to admin

    Administrators consistently mention spyware as one of their biggest ongoing problems. This article from noted technology author Ed Tittel looks at the different levels of spyware avoidance, from user education to cleanup. 

  • Virus causing your computer to reboot?

    If your computer continuously reboots, the cause could be a number of things including a virus, spyware, bad memory, a poorly-seated PCI card, etc. Site expert Kevin Beaver suggests some steps you can take to discover and resolve this issue. 

  • One critical Windows patch coming

    After a hefty patch load in October, Microsoft is planning for only one security fix this month. 

  • IT security weakened by compliance issues

    Companies are spending too much of their IT budgets on compliance issues and skimping on security, according to Ernst & Young's latest security report. 

  • What is spyware? Industry group has an answer.

    The Anti-Spyware Coalition has released a set of guidelines to help vendors determine what should be blocked and what maybe is allowed. 

  • Anti-spyware definitions finalized

    An alliance of software companies, security firms and consumer groups called the Anti-Spyware Coalition, on Thursday finalized its definitions of spyware, and published a "risk modeling" report explaining how vendors determine that a piece of softwar... 

  • Quiz: Tech or treat!

    Tech or treat! Do you speak Geek? Technology is scary to a lot of people -- and no wonder, when you consider the harrowing terms and concepts involved. Here's our traditionally gruesome collection of Halloween horror for technophiles and technophobes... 

  • Letter #8: Rootkits are killing us

    Rootkits are difficult to remove and time consuming.