Network intrusion detection and prevention and malware removal

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  • How to prevent malware outbreaks in eight steps

    It's impossible to prevent malware outbreaks that you've never seen, but having the right security measures in place could you'll be your organization's saving grace. 

  • Infected with malware? Stop it from spreading

    A worm, virus or other malicious software is spreading throughout your network. How can you stop the "bleeding" before too much damage is done? Windows security threats expert Kevin Beaver offers his tips for containing malware. 

  • Malware prevention: From reduced privileges to secure PC builds

    There are many, equally critical steps you must take to protect Windows from viruses, spyware and other threats. Malware guru Kurt Dillard offers tools and best practices to help you reduce user privileges, secure new builds, avoid untrustworthy code... 

  • Configure Group Policy to prevent attacks

    This list of critical Group Policy settings will help you lock down Windows against security threats, whether you want to thwart automated password cracking attacks, enable audit logging or simply force attackers to jump through more hoops. 

  • Security watchers spread the Word on Microsoft weak spots

    Although flaws in Microsoft Word, JView Profiler and the Microsoft Color Management Module require end-user action to trigger harmful events, two security experts recommend speedy deployment of patches for them. 

  • Finding auditing results

    Expert Jonathan Hassell explains where to find the events when an audit policy is enabled. 

  • Deflecting e-mail spoofing

    Security threat expert Kevin Beaver provides some steps you can take to secure your email system to deflect e-mail spoofing. 

  • Multiple Linux, Microsoft products affected by zlib flaw

    Microsoft has also outlined workarounds for the recent Internet Explorer flaw. 

  • Practice effective security log analysis

    Collecting security log data is useless if your log isn't properly configured, monitored and analyzed. Get tips for effective data logging in part one of this two-part series. 

  • Step-by-Step Guide: How to remove spyware (for end users)

    Tired cleaning up spyware problems on a case-by-case basis? This guide will help you teach end users to recognize spyware, and ultimately clean up infections without your help.