Network intrusion detection and prevention and malware removal

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  • Rooting out a rootkit

    As if you didn't have enough to worry about with all the viruses, worms and spyware dilemmas plaguing your Windows environment -- now you have to think about rootkits. In this Windows Security learning center, learn everything you need to know about ... 

  • IT pros: We can't stop every threat

    Mergers, staff shortages and fast tech deployments mean some security incidents probably went undetected last year, a recent survey found, and many fear it will happen again. 

  • Learning Guide: End-user education

    With changes occurring so frequently in the computer world, especially the world of computer security, it is difficult for anybody outside of the IT industry to keep up with all of the latest security information that they need. That's where the edi... 

  • Microsoft takes another anti-rootkit step

    Writing kernel-mode Windows programs was never easy, but as of 64-bit Windows Vista, Microsoft won't even let just anyone do it. It will help stop some rootkits, but it's not a complete answer. 

  • Microsoft confirms Windows Wi-Fi flaw

    However, until a rollup patch is released, the software giant said Tuesday that users can take basic steps to protect themselves from the Windows wireless vulnerability. 

  • Experts fear big implications for Windows flaw

    Security experts warn Windows managers to deploy MS06-003 quickly as latest vulnerability could have enormous impact for Exchange and Outlook. 

  • Security Blog Wire: Plenty of opinions on WMF patching

    Though Microsoft decided to release its WMF patch early, debate raged this week among bloggers over whether the danger warranted the use of third-party fixes. 

  • Microsoft defends handling of WMF patch

    Despite some grumbling from IT professionals, Microsoft officials say the WMF patch was released in record time. 

  • WMF patch release: Fiddling while users burn?

    Security experts agree that a large-scale exploit is highly possible while users wait for next week's WMF patch release. 

  • Will Sober strike this Thursday?

    Jan. 5 is the day security researchers believe the prolific worm family will launch its next assault. Even if nothing happens this week, the threat may not be over.