Patches, alerts and critical updates

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  • Microsoft Click-To-Run

    Microsoft Click-to-Run is a way to quickly install Microsoft products, including versions of Office 2010 and Office 2013.  

  • application performance monitoring (APM)

    Application performance monitoring, also called app monitoring, is an area of information technology (IT) that focuses on making sure software application programs perform as expected. The goal of performance monitoring is to provide end users with a... 

  • drive-by download

    A drive-by download is a program that is automatically downloaded to your computer without your consent or even your knowledge. Unlike a pop-up download, which asks for assent (albeit in a calculated manner likely to lead to a "yes"), a drive-by down... 

  • Critical patches for IE and Office released

    The April 2008 installment of our "What's hot in Windows security" podcast focuses on this month's Microsoft patch release, the potential for new anti-rootkit technology and Windows Vista. Security expert Brien Posey discusses this month's most criti... 

  • What's hot in Microsoft Windows security

    Keep up with the latest Microsoft patches, Windows network security strategies, Microsoft security best practices and more in our monthly podcast series. 

  • What's hot in Microsoft security: Critical patches

    August was a busy month for admins due to the flurry of patches released on Microsoft's Patch Tuesday. In this month's security expert podcast, Kevin Beaver talks about which vulnerabilities he feels are most important, the state of Patch Tuesday and... 

About Patches, alerts and critical updates

An understanding of Windows patch management best practices are vital to an IT admin who wants to keep his or her desktop machines up to date and protected from the latest security flaws. Learn about tools that can help you manage Windows patches, read tips about automating the patch management process and how to keep your organization protected against critical flaws, vulnerabilities and zero-day threats.