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  • A 'critical' Patch Tuesday

    Microsoft issues three security bulletins for January, two of them critical. Attackers have already exploited some of the vulnerabilities. 

  • VoIP 2005: Better watch what you say

    Voice over IP implementations will increase significantly in 2005, primarily as a cost-saving measure. Be afraid. Be very afraid. 

  • On the record: The year in security quotes

    A look at some of the newsworthy moments, as told from those in the trenches and headlines. 

  • Best security products of 2004

    Information Security magazine and research partner InfoPro evaluated 1,239 products to come up with the year's best at securing networks. 

  • Importance of Microsoft patches called understated

    Some security experts rated a few of December's Microsoft bulletins higher than "important," and they explained why. 

  • Introduction to patch management

    This is introduction to patch management is the first excerpt from Chapter 1 of "The complete patch management book," courtesy of Ecora. 

  • Finding out about patches

    Get help identifying which patches you need in this excerpt from Chapter 1 of "The complete patch management book." 

  • Definition of Microsoft patches

    Find out what types of new code introductions are included in Microsoft patch management in this book excerpt from Chapter 1 of "The complete patch management book." 

  • What is included in a Microsoft patch?

    Get a technical overview of what's included in each type of Microsoft patch, from security patches to updates to drivers in this book excerpt. 

  • The road ahead

    This excerpt concludes Chapter 1 of of "The complete patch management book," courtesy of Ecora.