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  • network automation

    Network automation is the use of IT controls to supervise and carry out every-day network management functions.

  • Windows XP migration tools cut albatross from IT's neck

    Dell Software releases new upgrade to KACE K2000 to enable IT to better automate tasks and migrate off of Windows XP more quickly.

  • End of Windows XP support brings IT to a fork in the road

    Microsoft finally ended Windows XP support this week, putting to rest one of its most stable operating systems ever while delivering the Windows 8.1 Update.

    How IT shops get to the newer version of Windows depends on their needs, but one...

  • Why was the Windows XP lifespan so long?

    Microsoft will cease providing technical assistance for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. Alas, the appetite for desktops has changed in favor of more portable, power-saving devices, perhaps with touchscreens. In addition, cloud computing and...

  • Marketing automation software buying considerations

    Marketing automation tools have progressed, but the field is still developing. Here are buying considerations for marketing automation software.

  • Windows XP migration tools help IT ward off upgrade hassles

    Windows XP migration tools will help IT shops move to a newer operating system quickly when the aging software's support ends next month.

    Microsoft has become aggressive about making its customers aware that April 8 is the end of...

  • The new automation imperative

    Automating IT processes is a complex and sometimes messy process -- but the rewards can be well worth the effort. In this January 2014 issue of the Modern Infrastructure e-zine, find an exploration of data center...

  • Best practices for manufacturing forecasting and automation

    In this expert response, learn how to best use software for manufacturing forecasting and automation projects.

  • Windows XP anti-malware support extended until 2015, buys IT time

    IT pros scrambling to migrate off Windows XP by its April end-of-life date have gotten a minor reprieve.

    Microsoft will extend support for Windows XP's anti-malware security until July 2015 and continue to provide updates to its...

  • Network automation: How much is too much?

    How much network automation is too much? Interop panelists discuss how to find the right balance.

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