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  • Move over SOA, data binding shows promise for workflow management

    SOA and BPEL have often been used to improve agility, but data binding could prove to be a good alternative.

  • Microsoft and Salesforce bind SQL deal and Office 365 integration

    Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has demonstrated the company’s newfound openness with a strategic alliance with long-term rival

    In spite of having its own Dynamics CRM suite, Microsoft has formed a strategic partnership...

  • Component binding for event-driven app modernization

    Learn about the future of component binding, so enterprise architects can monitor the space carefully for developments.

  • Enterprise compliance and security: The ties that bind

    Enterprise compliance and security departments sometimes have a fractious relationship, the two essential functions struggling to establish common ground and work together to protect the organization as a whole. In this SearchCompliance handbook, we...

  • Binding gets Southern region role at Avnet

    Former Magirus executive Andrew Binding has been given a senior role covering Southern Europe at Avnet Technology Services

  • Desktop backup oversights that can get you into a bind

    Although enterprise data and applications may be backed up, users and IT administrators should understand the need for desktop backups. There are a few steps you can take to ensure that the right data is backed up as needed.

    It has been...

  • Five steps for successful bot removal from enterprise desktops

    A few years ago, I worked on a project that investigated more than 10,000 computers that had been made into a botnet because of a targeted malware attack. Weak security practices, such as no vulnerability testing and an overreliance on...

  • Even without an optical drive, data on a disc can be accessed

    I have a notebook or desktop PC that has no optical drive. Unfortunately, someone sent me something on DVD-ROM that I need to copy to this machine, and I can't get it on there any other way because it's legacy data. What are my...

  • XML Binding

    Working with XML data couldn't be easier in WPF. Just add an XMLDataProvider to your XAML and provide the location of your XML resource. Once the provider is configured it can serve as a data-source to a WPF binding, it works similar to the way...

  • Email can be binding

    Can a contract be formed by email? Yes is the simple answer. In a 2010 case involving Prestige Homes v Neal, the Court of Appeal decided, amongst things, that an agreement made by email can become binding. Following a site...

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