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  • Windows 8.1 boot to desktop and other timesavers

    Windows 8.1 boot to desktop, Charms and touchpad settings are among the new operating system options that can empower admins and users.

  • Mastering Windows 8 USB booting with Windows To Go

    Computing mobility has always been a challenge, obligating users to arrange multiple installations that are difficult to synchronize or carry a single system between locations. The introduction of Windows 8 Enterprise Edition offers a new option...

  • Save WIM file space with WIMBoot in Windows 8.1 update

    With Windows 8.1 Update 1, it's possible to boot desktops directly from a WIM file. Follow these steps to create WIMBoot images and save disk space.

  • Uninstall OS before disposing of a Windows machine

    How can an operating system be safely removed from a machine?

    If you're donating, selling, trading or otherwise disposing of a Windows computer or computers, securely removing the operating system and data while leaving the...

  • Windows To Go USB drives need Windows 8 BitLocker to secure data

    Lost or stolen USB drives, data leakage and boot conflicts are among the risks posed by Windows To Go. BitLocker can help tighten Windows 8 security.

  • Watch Windows 8.1 app compatibility even after Update 1

    The original release of Windows 8 was heralded as a breakthrough -- a unification of operating system code bases intended to support both traditional desktops and mobile devices. While Windows 8 was largely considered a stable and reliable step...

  • Libguestfs can bring boot back to broken VM

    As the administrator of a VMware virtual environment, there are times when you have a virtual machine that won't boot. To troubleshoot this, you'll have to examine the inside of the VM. The

  • How to protect Windows startup from a compressed Boot Manager file

    This week, our expert answers a question on how a hidden file can hinder the Windows startup process and how to restore the Windows Boot Manager.

  • cold boot attack

    A cold boot attack is a process for obtaining unauthorized access to encryption keys stored in the dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chips of a computer system.

  • IT works to keep up with Microsoft's Windows 8 licensing shifts

    Although licensing for Microsoft's Windows operating system is relatively simple for basic use, it's a different matter for businesses. Enterprise customers and desktop administrators must deal with a dizzying array of options, rules and...

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