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  • The Rufus USB tool may ease building bootable Windows flash drives

    The Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool lets you make a USB flash drive bootable for operating system installations. It also enables you to run diagnostic tools and to work on...

  • digital certificate

    A digital certificate is an electronic "passport" that allows a person, computer or organization to exchange information securely over the Internet using the public key infrastructure (PKI). A digital certificate...

  • Steering your career as a desktop admin in the mobility age

    As you already know if you've worked in enterprise IT for any length of time, change is inevitable. The desktop has evolved from a static canvas where each user's picture looked pretty much the same to a wildly dynamic playground where each user...

  • X.509 certificate

    An X.509 certificate is a digital certificate that uses the widely accepted international X.509 public key infrastructure standard to verify that a public key belongs to the user, computer or service identity...

  • Why the Office 2013 suite still beats Microsoft Office alternatives

    Today's organizations constantly are looking for ways to improve efficiency while keeping a lid on IT costs. But factors such as feature sets, usability, availability and effort of support can a big part in the overall cost of any enterprise...

  • Microsoft Windows certification moving toward expiration dates

    Expiration dates for Microsoft Windows certification may go away, as the company changes its credentials scheme from platforms to products.

  • Revoked certificates cause issues after Heartbleed

    In the wake of the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability, the massive deluge of revoked certificates could cause palpitations across the Internet.

  • A data center design certification appraisal

    Data center design certification isn't always straightforward. Don't fall for self-certification; stick to Uptime and other reputable titles.

  • CSR (Certificate Signing Request)

    A Certificate Signing Request or CSR is a specially formatted encrypted message sent from a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) digital certificate applicant to a certificate authority (CA) validating the...

  • How certificate pinning improves certificate authority security

    Certificate pinning reduces reliance on trusting certificates authorities and improves digital certificate trustworthiness. Michael Cobb explains how.

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