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  • More Mac OS tips may remind desktop admins of Windows functions

    The Mac OS is on a small but significant number of desktops in the enterprise, and Macs are more common in education and where graphics-intensive applications are used. IT administrators who may be familiar with only Windows desktops have nothing...

  • Microsoft Windows File Manager

    The Microsoft Windows File Manager is the graphical user interface (GUI) through which end users could see and...

  • wildcard character

    A wildcard character is a special character that represents one or more other characters.

  • intelligent character recognition (ICR)

    Intelligent character recognition (ICR) is the computer translation of manually entered text characters into machine-readable characters.

  • check digit (checksum character)

    A check digit, also known as a checksum character, is the number located on the far right side of a bar code.

  • How to delete a file or folder when the Windows path is too long

    How do I delete files or folders when Windows complains "the path is too long?"

    Windows has a number of rules on the maximum lengths possible for file names, directory names and path names. The maximum length for a Windows path...

  • Android malware uses Anime character Anaru to entice users

    Cybercriminals use Anime character Anaru to lure users into downloading an app that collects personal information, Symantec says.

  • character

    In information technology, a character is a printable symbol having phonetic or pictographic meaning and usually forming part of a word of text, depicting a numeral, or expressing grammatical punctuation.

  • Eight is too many characters for strong passwords

    Passwords that are eight characters long are easily cracked. Learn how a seven-character complex password can provide better security, and passphrases can be stronger still.

  • Special characters in XAML

    XAML files are a form of XML. As such, they have to follow the rules of XML. There is one XML rule that can cause trouble when working with strings within attributes in XAML, known as special character.

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