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  • Spring cleaning your datacentre

    Although domestic spring cleaning seems to have faded somewhat, perhaps we should consider whether a datacentre spring clean is a good idea

  • clean electricity

    Clean electricity is electrical power that is free from voltage spikes and drops. Voltage ripple or noise that is outside the ideal sine waveform is sometimes referred to as dirty electricity or electrical pollution.

  • Lush cleans up on data with QlikView

    Cosmetics retailer Lush has reduced stock wastage and made its shops more profitable through using QlikView business intelligence software.

    It started to implement QlikView in 2010 at the same time it was bringing in a new...

  • When does more data trump clean data?

    As CIOs support real-time data use, they're faced with a tough question: How clean is clean enough?

  • Save WIM file space with WIMBoot in Windows 8.1 update

    WIMBoot is a new feature, currently available only on the desktop side of Windows 8.1 Update1, that lets computers boot directly off a Windows image file, or WIM file.

    Why would you want...

  • How to bypass the kinks in Windows 8.1 deployment

    Even if your organization's existing Windows XP computers are able to run Windows 8.1, you must still want to do a clean install to update systems. Microsoft offers no direct migration path for porting a user's files or settings or the computer's...

  • Government of Maharashtra to clean up electoral data

    The Government of Maharashtra is cleaning up voter lists using IT tools, to minimize duplications in voter ID cards and correct errors

  • Six endpoint management lessons from POS security breaches

    When it comes to compliance with security regulations, every retailer is doing just fine. At least that's what management, internal auditing and compliance officers will proclaim. Then it happens -- that big breach that's only supposed to hit...

  • The Rufus USB tool may ease building bootable Windows flash drives

    The Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool lets you make a USB flash drive bootable for operating system installations. It also enables you to run diagnostic tools and to work on...

  • More Mac OS tips may remind desktop admins of Windows functions

    The Mac OS is on a small but significant number of desktops in the enterprise, and Macs are more common in education and where graphics-intensive applications are used. IT administrators who may be familiar with only Windows desktops have nothing...

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