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  • For missing GPO settings, check the Winlogon component

    If a Windows system isn't applying certain Group Policy settings, you may need to check Winlogon and common client-side extensions.

  • Office Telemetry reports on Office 2013 docs and apps

    Office Telemetry is a monitoring system introduced in Office 2013 for gathering, consolidating and presenting information about an organization's Office documents and Office-related products. It includes components to collect usage data about...

  • Android desktops may provide another alternative OS for enterprises

    A large user base and app support are among the advantages of Android desktops, but complex Windows apps and thin clients may limit adoption.

  • More Office 365 subscription plans, pricing changes ahead

    Office 365 subscription plans and pricing changes for small and medium-sized businesses are scheduled for the fall, marking the second round of pricing changes disclosed in as many weeks.

    Microsoft will replace existing Office 365 plans...

  • How Windows RT apps differ from those for Windows 8

    Can non-Metro apps be built with Windows RT, or must they still be based on Win32?

    Windows RT is designed to run on lightweight tablet PCs and similar mobile devices with...

  • Save WIM file space with WIMBoot in Windows 8.1 update

    WIMBoot is a new feature, currently available only on the desktop side of Windows 8.1 Update1, that lets computers boot directly off a Windows image file, or WIM file.

    Why would you want...

  • Low-cost virtual desktop tech eases Windows XP upgrade

    School districts with little budget to upgrade PCs to Windows 7 or 8.1 must explore alternatives, and for one school district, desktop virtualization has passed with flying colors.

    Pana Community School District 8 in Pana, Illinois, is...

  • Office 365 users get 1TB storage boost

    IT pros concerned about paying for more OneDrive cloud storage will appreciate Microsoft's storage increase for Office 365 subscribers.

    The aggressive jump in storage follows the same increase to 1TB per user that Microsoft...

  • Mobile thin client basics

    Companies with regulated information can still give road warriors secure access to virtual desktops via mobile thin clients.

  • Fast moving Microsoft Windows 8.1 update train railroads IT

    Microsoft's faster Windows 8.1 updates place an enormous burden on large IT shops, where administrators must update Windows clients and servers together but don't have time to test the rollouts properly.

    In addition, Windows 8.1 users...

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