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Jun 11, 2003

Penguin Computing acquires Scyld Computing

Linux server company Penguin Computing is buying Scyld Computing, the privately held Beowulf cluster management software... Continue Reading


News Oct 24, 2004

DNA Computing

DNA computing is just one of the many applied areas of Nanotechnology. Continue Reading


Problem solve Jan 11, 2008

Clustered computing vs. grid computing

A member asks, "What are the differences between grid and clustered computing?" Continue Reading


Jan 02, 2008

Adaptive computing

Use server virtualization to provide business value in adaptive computing. This excerpt from "Advanced Server Virtualization" tells you how. Continue Reading


Sep 20, 2001

Computer crusader

Tony Benn was the UK's technology minister when Computer Weekly's began in 1966 and he continues to campaign on IT issues.... Continue Reading


Jul 01, 2005

What is grid computing?

Grid computing expert Ian Foster provides his take on what grid computing is exactly. Continue Reading


Nov 27, 2008

Cloud computing – buyer beware

Switching to the cloud computing model of buying... Continue Reading


May 01, 2003

Computer Associates touts on-demand computing

Computer Associates International has rolled out six products under its Unicenter banner at Networld+Interop which are intended... Continue Reading


Problem solve Nov 17, 2008

Seeing cloud computing clearly

Cloud computing has become very popular, but are there negative side effects consumers aren't aware of? Jason Bloomberg discusses the meaning of cloud computing. Continue Reading


News Jun 03, 2010

Is virtualization cloud computing?

Most private cloud computing relies heavily on virtualization. But for successful private cloud computing, virtualization must work together with several technologies. Continue Reading