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  • Low-cost virtual desktop tech eases Windows XP upgrade

    The Pana Schools Community District explored ways to migrate from Windows XP and settled on a virtualized environment because of cost.

  • New application usage analysis tool helps IT lower Office license costs

    New software that measures application usage based on users' keyboard and mouse interaction can help IT pros cut down on the number of Microsoft Office licenses they need.

    CloudIT, a software as a service application-usage analysis tool...

  • Speculating about the Windows 9 Start menu and other OS features

    Despite a lack of hard facts about Microsoft Windows 9, it's possible to make educated guesses about its release date, cost and features such as its Start menu.

  • Windows 9 features may address unified apps and the cloud

    As I've already noted, rumors abound regarding Windows 9 development at Microsoft. There are Windows 9 features...

  • Excel pivot tables can help IT admins track support, costs

    One of the most difficult things an IT administrator has to do is to provide data to enterprise management to justify labor costs, equipment expenditures and the like. Admins also need to analyze service call reports to make sure an organization...

  • More Office 365 subscription plans, pricing changes ahead

    Office 365 subscription plans and pricing changes for small and medium-sized businesses are scheduled for the fall, marking the second round of pricing changes disclosed in as many weeks.

    Microsoft will replace existing Office 365 plans...

  • Use Excel's IF statement to track, save on IT support contract costs

    In my previous articles, we looked at what Microsoft Excel offers to IT administrators. Not only can you use...

  • Got SA? If not, expect Office 365 pricing increase

    There's no summer sale for Office 365 pricing.

    Microsoft will raise the price of Office 365 Enterprise versions by 15% in August for customers without a...

  • When to buy a 2-in-1 laptop vs. a PC

    New 2-in-1 laptops recently unveiled by Dell, Microsoft, Asus and others have piqued IT pros' interest, but whether they deploy these hybrid tablet/PCs or stick with traditional computers comes down to the end user.

    There's no denying the...

  • Office 365 users get 1TB storage boost

    IT pros concerned about paying for more OneDrive cloud storage will appreciate Microsoft's storage increase for Office 365 subscribers.

    The aggressive jump in storage follows the same increase to 1TB per user that Microsoft...

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