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  • New Microsoft Office 2013 features you need to know about

    Skeptical IT admins may reconsider an upgrade after looking at these Microsoft Office 2013 features, including links to OneDrive and the cloud.

  • How to allow multiple users to share an Excel workbook

    Public folders allow users to share an Excel workbook, but OneDrive and Windows 8.1 HomeGroups might be better.

  • The Rufus USB tool may ease building bootable Windows flash drives

    The Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool lets you make a USB flash drive bootable for operating system installations. It also enables you to run diagnostic tools and to work on...

  • Finding and fixing Office 2013 installation problems

    The move to Microsoft Office 2013 is often smooth and uneventful, allowing computer users to take advantage of the many advanced features and design improvements that the Office suite provides. But successful software installations are never...

  • Office 365 users get 1TB storage boost

    IT pros concerned about paying for more OneDrive cloud storage will appreciate Microsoft's storage increase for Office 365 subscribers.

    The aggressive jump in storage follows the same increase to 1TB per user that Microsoft...

  • More Office 365 subscription plans, pricing changes ahead

    Office 365 subscription plans and pricing changes for small and medium-sized businesses are scheduled for the fall, marking the second round of pricing changes disclosed in as many weeks.

    Microsoft will replace existing Office 365 plans...

  • Windows To Go USB drives need Windows 8 BitLocker to secure data

    Lost or stolen USB drives, data leakage and boot conflicts are among the risks posed by Windows To Go. BitLocker can help tighten Windows 8 security.

  • When to buy a 2-in-1 laptop vs. a PC

    New 2-in-1 laptops recently unveiled by Dell, Microsoft, Asus and others have piqued IT pros' interest, but whether they deploy these hybrid tablet/PCs or stick with traditional computers comes down to the end user.

    There's no denying the...

  • Save WIM file space with WIMBoot in Windows 8.1 update

    WIMBoot is a new feature, currently available only on the desktop side of Windows 8.1 Update1, that lets computers boot directly off a Windows image file, or WIM file.

    Why would you want...

  • Avoid these assumptions about Windows 8.1 security

    Now that all the hype over Windows XP's end of life is simmering down, many enterprises are making the move to Windows 8.1. That's...

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