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  • data source name (DSN)

    A data source name (DSN) is a data structure that contains the information about a specific database that an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) driver needs in order to connect to it.

  • Prepare your enterprise network for the DSN Changer botnet takedown

    I heard that on July 9, 2012, A U.S. federal court will take offline all the remaining computers in the U.S. infected with DNS Changer botnet

  • Deep Space Network (DSN)

    The Deep Space Network (DSN) is a sophisticateddata communications system used by the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in conjunction with manned and unmanned space missions.

  • Override a SYSIN DD DSN in the proc from the JCL?

    How can I override a SYSIN DD DSN in the proc from the JCL?

    Mark Zelden, Senior software and systems architect, Zurich North America:

  • Connecting to ASP pages with or without DSN

    MySQL expert Scott Noyes explains how to connect MySQL to ASP pages with or without DSN.

  • DSN files causing ODBC problems

    We are gradually upgrading PCs on our network from Client Access to Client Access Express. After the upgrade we've had trouble with ODBC connections using DSN files that have the system name. I have been able to eliminate these errors in most...

  • Get Dsn And Driver (Api)

    This code shows how to list the available DSN and Drivers installed on the
    The program works by utilizing the SQLDataSources API of the ODBC32.DLL.

    Declare Function SQLDataSources Lib "ODBC32.DLL"...

  • Error when trying to access server DSN in LotusScript

    I have a problem related to server DSN connectivity in Lotus Notes. I want to access the server DSN in LotusScript. But it shows this error:

    **Notes error: Error Validating user's agent execution access.**

    I am...

  • Create, Delete Or Edit An Odbc Dsn From Lotusscript (Or Vb)

    With the release of NotesSQL 2.06 you run create a silent installation when you
    distribute your Notes apps. The problem has been creating a DSN so users can
    access the database via ODBc (for Reporting).
    This script will create, delete...

  • Create ODBCs from a command line

    This tip was submitted to the tip exchange by member Tim Fenner. Please let other users know how useful it is by rating it below.

    Microsoft Data Access Components installed with Windows come with a utility called...

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