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  • Got SA? If not, expect Office 365 pricing increase

    There's no summer sale for Office 365 pricing.

    Microsoft will raise the price of Office 365 Enterprise versions by 15% in August for customers without a...

  • Windows XP death expected to resuscitate the PC industry

    The Windows XP death looms large over enterprise IT shops that still use it, but the aging operating system's parting gift will be a stabilized PC market.

    Recent Q4 2013 worldwide PC shipment results from research firms Gartner Inc. and...

  • Windows 9 features may address unified apps and the cloud

    Based on the Windows 8.1 update, it's reasonable to expect Windows 9 features for universal apps and cloud integration. Will they entice enterprises?

  • Google beats Q2 revenue expectations

    Google has reported revenues of $15.96bn for the second quarter of the year, beating expectations

  • Speculating about the Windows 9 Start menu and other OS features

    Here's what we know for sure about Windows 9: practically nothing. Even the Windows 9 brand has yet to be confirmed. All we have is the codename "Threshold," which supposedly refers to the next generation of Microsoft's Windows operating...

  • VMware Marvin speculation and VMworld expectations

    In this podcast, we talk with Christian Mohn about the VMware Marvin speculation and what we're expecting to see at VMworld 2014.

  • Avoid these assumptions about Windows 8.1 security

    Now that all the hype over Windows XP's end of life is simmering down, many enterprises are making the move to Windows 8.1. That's...

  • UK emergency surveillance legislation expected soon

    The government is expected to rush through emergency legislation to force UK communications providers to store customer data

  • Office 365 users get 1TB storage boost

    IT pros concerned about paying for more OneDrive cloud storage will appreciate Microsoft's storage increase for Office 365 subscribers.

    The aggressive jump in storage follows the same increase to 1TB per user that Microsoft...

  • Low-cost virtual desktop tech eases Windows XP upgrade

    School districts with little budget to upgrade PCs to Windows 7 or 8.1 must explore alternatives, and for one school district, desktop virtualization has passed with flying colors.

    Pana Community School District 8 in Pana, Illinois, is...

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