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  • Windows XP death expected to resuscitate the PC industry

    The Windows XP death looms large over enterprise IT shops that still use it, but the aging operating system's parting gift will be a stabilized PC market.

    Recent Q4 2013 worldwide PC shipment results from research firms Gartner Inc. and...

  • Five laptop finder products offer security after a device loss

    Laptops get lost or stolen every day. But an organization can soften the blow by implementing a laptop tracking system before devices go missing. An effective laptop finder protects sensitive data and helps locate the device wherever it lands....

  • Universal apps may be the Trojan horse for Windows 8 adoption

    Universal apps that run across all Windows 8 devices have caught the attention of IT professionals considering Microsoft's mobile device deployments.

    Microsoft's new...

  • End of Windows XP support brings IT to a fork in the road

    Microsoft finally ended Windows XP support this week, putting to rest one of its most stable operating systems ever while delivering the Windows 8.1 Update.

    How IT shops get to the newer version of Windows depends on their needs, but one...

  • Will tablets with the Windows 8.1 update come to an office near you?

    Microsoft's Windows 8.1 update may improve the user experience with the operating system, but whether the new features are enough to spur IT to deploy Windows 8.1 tablets to mobile users remains to be seen.

    The majority of IT...

  • Why was the Windows XP lifespan so long?

    Microsoft will cease providing technical assistance for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. Alas, the appetite for desktops has changed in favor of more portable, power-saving devices, perhaps with touchscreens. In addition, cloud computing and...

  • Dell KACE K1000 v6.0 to bring enhanced systems management controls

    Dell Software plans to release a major update to its KACE K1000 systems management appliance in May with a sleeker user interface and enhanced security and IT controls.

    Originally scheduled for release by the end of the first quarter of...

  • Samsung expects profits to fall

    Samsung Electronics has announced it expects profits to fall in the fourth quarter of 2013

  • IBM boss admits last year missed expectations

    In the chairman's letter in IBM's 2013 annual report there is talk of cloud and growth but also an admission that last year did not meet expectations

  • Microsoft's Windows 8.1 update cycle expected to burden IT

    Microsoft's Windows Blue initiative to deliver updates on a faster cycle has come to fruition with a preview of the Windows 8.1 update this week. But Microsoft's promise to roll out Windows updates on a faster timeline may affect IT...

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