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  • UK finance firms to face planned hacking

    Finance firms in the UK could be attacked by ethical hackers on behalf of financial services regulators to identify weaknesses in cyber security.

    According to a Financial Times report, the Bank of England will organise simulations...

  • Chapter excerpt: Defending the enterprise from password hacking

    In this excerpt from 'Hacking for Dummies, Fourth Edition,' author Kevin Beaver looks at the dangers of password hacking and how to respond to them.

  • Windows To Go USB drives need Windows 8 BitLocker to secure data

    With the release of Windows 8 Enterprise, Microsoft included support for Windows To Go, a feature that lets you set up a Windows workspace on a bootable USB drive. A Windows To Go drive contains a full Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 image that is...

  • Windows XP anti-malware support extended until 2015, buys IT time

    IT pros scrambling to migrate off Windows XP by its April end-of-life date have gotten a minor reprieve.

    Microsoft will extend support for Windows XP's anti-malware security until July 2015 and continue to provide updates to its...

  • pharma hack

    The pharma hack is an exploit that takes advantage of vulnerabilities in WordPress or Joomla documents, causing search engines, notably the one hosted by Google, to return ads for pharmaceutical products along with legitimate...

  • Femtocell security: Defending against a femtocell hack

    The risk of a femtocell hack is a real enterprise concern. Nick Lewis explains why and explores how to defend against an attack.

  • EE routers vulnerable to ‘incredibly easy’ hack

    A flaw in EE’s broadband routers could leave user data vulnerable to hackers.

    Computer programmer Scott Helme claimed he...

  • LinkedIn halts Sell Hack plugin revealing email addresses

    Sell Hack has suspended functionality to reveal LinkedIn email addresses in response to a cease-and-desist order

  • Syrian hacking group breaches Microsoft Twitter accounts

    Attackers claiming to be members of the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) hacktivist group hit two Microsoft Twitter accounts and a blog at the weekend.

    The attack comes less than two weeks after the group, which supports Syrian president...

  • Snapchat hack has users thinking twice

    A recent hack into Snapchat, the social media platform for photo sharing, has users thinking twice about giving personal information to these services.

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