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  • Low-cost virtual desktop tech eases Windows XP upgrade

    School districts with little budget to upgrade PCs to Windows 7 or 8.1 must explore alternatives, and for one school district, desktop virtualization has passed with flying colors.

    Pana Community School District 8 in Pana, Illinois, is...

  • For missing GPO settings, check the Winlogon component

    A Windows client computer that is joined to a domain might not receive all Group Policy settings configured at an Active Directory domain. As a result, some endpoints might not apply the missing Group Policy Object settings, but Winlogon can help...

  • Hyper-V live migration

    Hyper-V live migration is a Hyper-V feature that lets admins move running virtual machines from one failover cluster node to a cluster in the same node.

  • IT works to keep up with Microsoft's Windows 8 licensing shifts

    Although licensing for Microsoft's Windows operating system is relatively simple for basic use, it's a different matter for businesses. Enterprise customers and desktop administrators must deal with a dizzying array of options, rules and...

  • Hyper-V shared virtual hard disk requirements

    Shared virtual hard disks can make it a lot easier to create guest clusters in Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V.

  • Ten hidden Windows command prompt tricks

    You can also type "CMD" in the address bar of Windows Explorer to get to the Windows location of your choice. All you need to do is go to the folder location of your

  • VMware versus Hyper-V storage comparison

    VMware versus Hyper-V storage: How do the two leading hypervisors compare when it comes to deploying storage and in terms of their key storage features and functionality?

  • Use caution with Hyper-V replication over low bandwidth

    Hyper-V replication can help maintain updated copies of VMs for disaster recovery, as long as bandwidth can keep pace with a VM's rate of change.

  • More remote Group Policy Object settings and checking refresh status

    Refreshing Group Policy Object settings across multiple computers can be a challenge, but there are a lot of ways to do it. In my...

  • Two methods for remotely refreshing Windows 8 Group Policy settings

    Group Policy settings are applied when client computers restart or when the Group Policy refresh interval expires. This interval can be modified on the Group Policy Object configured on a domain controller. Microsoft provides the Gpupdate.exe...

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