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  • Public Sector Enterprise Insights

    Ovum’s Public Sector Enterprise Insights Conference will provide holistic thought leadership in a packed day of valuable case studies, tackling key issues such as procurement, data sovereignty, security, cloud services, mobility and next...

  • Office Telemetry reports on Office 2013 docs and apps

    Office Telemetry is a monitoring system introduced in Office 2013 for gathering, consolidating and presenting information about an organization's Office documents and Office-related products. It includes components to collect usage data about...

  • Agile retrospective benefits from positivity, insight

    In the Agile retrospective, are negative comments a bad thing? In other words, should we only allow positive comments in the retrospective?

    I remember years ago I worked with an executive who had a "leadership" meeting every two...

  • Cirrus Insight Mobile gives Salesforce users new email options

    Salesforce users can now use the Cirrus Insight Mobile app to access customer information through various mobile email platform options, and other CRM news.

  • AWS big data shops turn cloud infrastructure into insights

    Whether it's human genome data or restaurant recommendations, the world is inundated with data, and huge swaths of that information have entered the public cloud through AWS big data customers.

    Business intelligence and data analytics are...

  • Deploy data tiering for additional insights, reduced storage costs

    Historically, data tiering's negatives outweighed its positives. Recently, that equation has been changing, and this approach to storage management is piquing the interest of enterprises.

    Data tiering is gaining traction with lower costs,...

  • New application usage analysis tool helps IT lower Office license costs

    New software that measures application usage based on users' keyboard and mouse interaction can help IT pros cut down on the number of Microsoft Office licenses they need.

    CloudIT, a software as a service application-usage analysis tool...

  • NetApp Insight

    NetApp Insight is an annual technical conference series for NetApp, a computer storage and data management company. 

  • Five Windows Sysinternals utilities can aid in desktop troubleshooting

    BgInfo can help anyone who needs to keep track of a lot of systems -- physical or virtual. This simple utility replaces the desktop wallpaper with detailed information about...

  • Insight disappointed by EMEA performance

    Insight Enterprises sales and profits are both on the slide thanks to a poor third quarter showing at its EMEA operations

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