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  • The Internet of Things provides an opportunity for the desktop admin

    The desktop admin is just getting a grip on mobile and cloud tech and now microcontroller devices bring the Internet of Things into enterprises.

  • Speculating about the Windows 9 Start menu and other OS features

    Here's what we know for sure about Windows 9: practically nothing. Even the Windows 9 brand has yet to be confirmed. All we have is the codename "Threshold," which supposedly refers to the next generation of Microsoft's Windows operating...

  • How Windows RT apps differ from those for Windows 8

    Can non-Metro apps be built with Windows RT, or must they still be based on Win32?

    Windows RT is designed to run on lightweight tablet PCs and similar mobile devices with...

  • Locking down Internet Explorer settings with Group Policy in IE 11

    New Internet Explorer settings can tighten enterprise security, but only if Group Policy is properly enabled in IE 11 and you have Windows 8.

  • Using to test Web browser compatibility with applications

    Although Microsoft's can be helpful with testing Windows app compatibility with Internet Explorer, there are some things to keep in mind.

  • Alexa Internet

    Alexa Internet, often referred to simply as Alexa, is a Web traffic information, metrics and analytics provider. The company was founded in 1996 and acquired by Amazon in 1999. Alexa operates as a subsidiary of Amazon.

  • How to restore PC connectivity to enterprise networks

    My PC is losing its server connection, it has problems with broadband connectivity, and pages time out and don't respond. It's also dropping the network. What should I do?

    I assume that you're running Windows. If so, welcome to the...

  • Windows 7 migrations win out for XP shops

    For some organizations, the official end of support for Windows XP raises the question: Should they migrate to a newer operating system such as Windows 7 or Windows 8, or is remaining on XP worth the risk?

    The answer depends on many...

  • How to map an FTP location in Windows File Explorer

    When I double-click on an FTP location in Windows File Explorer that is a mapped network drive in My Computer, I'm getting an error that no such interface is supported. What should I do?

    This error dates back to the early days of...

  • Watch Windows 8.1 app compatibility even after Update 1

    The original release of Windows 8 was heralded as a breakthrough -- a unification of operating system code bases intended to support both traditional desktops and mobile devices. While Windows 8 was largely considered a stable and reliable step...

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