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  • iPhone 5s

    iPhone 5s is a smartphone from Apple that runs the iOS 7 operating system  (OS) and is powered by a 64-bit dual-core A7 processor, which Apple claims to be 2X faster than the A6 chip from the iPhone 5.

  • Apple iPhone 5c

    iPhone 5c is a lower-cost smartphone from Apple that runs iOS 7 and comes in five different colors.

  • Universal apps may be the Trojan horse for Windows 8 adoption

    Universal apps that run across all Windows 8 devices have caught the attention of IT professionals considering Microsoft's mobile device deployments.

    Microsoft's new...

  • Windows 8 open source media player provides alternative for users

    Since Songbird isn't yet available for Windows 8, are there any open source options?

    The cross-platform, open source music player Songbird was discontinued in June 2013. However, Nightingale is an application that was created from...

  • Microsoft mobile, cloud strategy hold key to transforming its future

    With a new CEO, a mobile hardware lineup and some success in the cloud, Microsoft's transformation is well under way. Now, IT pros wonder how Microsoft will reconcile its legacy in software with its broad mobility and cloud service...

  • Why the Office 2013 suite still beats Microsoft Office alternatives

    Today's organizations constantly are looking for ways to improve efficiency while keeping a lid on IT costs. But factors such as feature sets, usability, availability and effort of support can a big part in the overall cost of any enterprise...

  • New endpoint management tools make unified device management a reality

    Modern enterprises are awash with a myriad of platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, BlackBerry. But there's no single unified device management framework that can handle them all. Even if you focus just on the end-user devices, you need...

  • IPhone vs. Android backup

    Eric Slack of Storage Switzerland compares iPhone and Android backup in this Expert Answer.

  • Why Windows 8 for mobile is perfectly viable for enterprise use

    What's your mobile device strategy? If your business is like many enterprises, it's anything goes. Not that there's anything wrong with that, culturally speaking. It's hard to get buy-in on Windows 8 for mobile devices from a workforce using a...

  • BYOD network design: Beyond iPhones and iPads

    LAS VEGAS -- When someone uses the phrase bring your own device, a few scenarios typically come to mind: people in suits loading up presentations on personal iPads; social media gurus tending to corporate Twitter accounts on their own...

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