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  • Microsoft licensing changes with standalone Windows Enterprise upgrade

    IT professionals can now upgrade to the Windows Enterprise operating system without having Software Assurance, but that may not be a wise move.

    The new Windows Enterprise upgrade...

  • Track Microsoft licensing for desktops running Windows 8, Office 2013

    Each version of Windows, Office and other Microsoft applications brings new editions and options for payment and licensing. We take a look at what enterprises need to know about licensing for Windows 8 and Office...

  • Track software licenses and IT support with Excel date functions

    As part of our series on Excel for IT admins, we look at how Excel date functions can help with calculating software licenses and support dates.

  • End of Windows XP support brings IT to a fork in the road

    Microsoft finally ended Windows XP support this week, putting to rest one of its most stable operating systems ever while delivering the Windows 8.1 Update.

    How IT shops get to the newer version of Windows depends on their needs, but one...

  • Choose a Microsoft Office 2013 license based on user number, devices

    The number of versions of Microsoft Office 2013 can be confusing, so we walk you through Office 2013 license options, including for mobile devices.

  • Are universal apps, Windows 8.1 updates enough to entice IT shops?

    Microsoft promised this week to deliver universal apps and highlighted new Windows enterprise features to entice IT into the Windows 8.1 camp.

    The software behemoth also offered developers at the Build 2014 conference a glimpse of...

  • Dell software asset management tool aids licensing compliance

    Dell will simplify software asset management with an updated K1000 to keep track of software licensing, and Windows OS and app migration.

  • Apache License

    The Apache License is a free software licensing agreement from the Apache Software Foundation that stipulates terms for use, modification and distribution of the software. All ASF software is released under the...

  • IT can tackle Windows configuration with a well-planned desktop audit

    When was the last time you audited your Windows desktop environment to ensure that the proper policies and standards are being met? If you're like many network managers I work with, you're lucky to have a standard desktop image that gets rolled...

  • Mastery of Excel pivot tables can help IT admins monitor contracts

    Most desktop administrators already know Excel as a part of the Microsoft Office suite, but Excel features can be especially useful to IT for tracking contracts, planning priorities and even promoting one's career. Expert Gary Olsen explains why...

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