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  • How to map an FTP location in Windows File Explorer

    When I double-click on an FTP location in Windows File Explorer that is a mapped network drive in My Computer, I'm getting an error that no such interface is supported. What should I do?

    This error dates back to the early days of...

  • mobile location analytics (MLA)

    Mobile location analytics is a method used by retailers to track the movements of shoppers throughout their stores.

  • Reducing network latency means focusing on location, location, location

    As the real estate motto goes, what matters is 'location, location, location.' The same goes for your data when it comes to network latency.

  • Tips to locate reliable security testing services

    I don't have a security expert on staff. Does it make sense to rely on a security testing service?

    In the absence of having security expertise on staff, you will likely have to pick a provider from outside security testing...

  • New Microsoft Office 2013 features you need to know about

    Although some people may consider Office 2013 to be a relatively minor release, the 2013 version is jam-packed with new features. Here are some of the most significant new Microsoft Office 2013 features that both end users and IT administrators...

  • Co-location services and datacentres feel the CCA heat

    It’s been little over three weeks since the climate change agreement (CCA) for datacentres came into force and the impact has already been felt in some quarters of the IT industry and...

  • location-based marketing (LBM)

    Location-based marketing (LMS) is a direct marketing strategy that uses a mobile device's location to alert the device's owner about an offering from a near-by business. 

  • Windows 8.1 boot to desktop and other timesavers

    Windows 8.1 provides all kinds of customizable settings, letting an administrator or user fine-tune the operating system for a high level of productivity. Let's look at some settings such as Windows 8.1 boot to desktop that can save users...

  • Mastering Windows 8 USB booting with Windows To Go

    Computing mobility has always been a challenge, obligating users to arrange multiple installations that are difficult to synchronize or carry a single system between locations. The introduction of Windows 8 Enterprise Edition offers a new option...

  • For missing GPO settings, check the Winlogon component

    A Windows client computer that is joined to a domain might not receive all Group Policy settings configured at an Active Directory domain. As a result, some endpoints might not apply the missing Group Policy Object settings, but Winlogon can help...

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