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Microsoft: Microsoft is the world's leading producer of computer software.

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Jun 05, 2005


Orange extends Mobile Data across the enterprise with Microsoft Continue Reading


Aug 10, 2005

Microsoft: a security strategy

Microsoft: a security strategy Continue Reading


Jun 03, 2008

Microsoft launches ERP product

Microsoft has released Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, its new ERP product.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009...

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Aug 21, 2008


Dec 04, 2013


Jul 09, 2007

Microsoft - Company focus

Latest news stories, features, podcasts, blogs and links on Microsoft Continue Reading


Apr 06, 2004

Microsoft forms RFID council

Microsoft has formed an RFID council, a multi-supplier group that will study requirements for Microsoft’s software to participate... Continue Reading


Nov 07, 2007

Microsoft sacks its CIO

Microsoft has sacked its CIO for "violating company policies". Continue Reading


Jan 12, 2005

Microsoft seeking new CFO

Microsoft’s chief financial officer is leaving the company and the company has yet to find a replacement. Continue Reading


Jul 16, 2002

Microsoft maps Exchange's future

Microsoft plans to lower implementation costs and simplify e-mail administration with the next release of Microsoft Exchange Continue Reading