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  • How Microsoft OneNote 2010 can improve productivity, organization

    If organization isn't your strong suit, you can get help from Microsoft OneNote 2010. This powerful tool can save important emails, documents and more in easy-to-find locations.

  • Microsoft OneNote 2010: Office's best-kept productivity secret

    Microsoft OneNote lives in the shadows of other Office programs, but it can be one of the most useful. OneNote 2010 helps organize data, emails, notes and more all in one place.

  • What you need to know about Office 2013 features

    There are a bunch of new Microsoft Office 2013 features that can benefit both users and IT administrators, but whether or not upgrading to the suite is right for your organization depends on your needs.

    Office 2013 has a lot of the same...

  • Click-to-Run and MSI provide Office 2013 installation options

    Office 2013 has been out for several months now, and it is probably time to think about how you might go about deploying the latest version of Microsoft's software suite to all of your desktops. But there is a significant change in how to install...

  • Choose a Microsoft Office 2013 license based on user number, devices

    Once upon a time, Microsoft Office licensing was simple. You needed one license for each PC on which you planned to install the suite. Today, things aren't quite that cut-and-dried. Technologies such as virtualization, cloud services and...

  • The use cases (or not) for upgrading to Microsoft Office 2013 editions

    As with Windows 8, enterprises must decide whether Microsoft Office 2013 is worth the expense and effort of migration. The latest version of Microsoft's office productivity suite includes enhancements to Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as...

  • Windows tools and terminology for desktop admins

    It's important for IT administrators to stay up-to-date on the latest desktop tools, components and products, but that's no easy task.

    In addition to knowing what terms such as AppX, prefetch folder and BIOS password...

  • Weighing Windows 8 features: Windows 8 pros

    There has been a lot of news media coverage of how Windows 8 has been hurting PC sales, and Microsoft's latest operating system has certainly stirred controversy. I admit that when I saw Windows 8's user interface, it was hate at first sight....

  • New Office 2013 features can help IT pros as much as end users

    Microsoft has updated and added a lot of Office 2013 features, which should make users happy. Word now supports PDF editing. Applications are integrated with SkyDrive and SharePoint. The interface has inherited the Windows 8 Metro look, working...

  • Tech Watch: The Windows 8 touch interface could change the way we work


    In Windows 8, Microsoft has added touch interfaces to the world's most-used operating system. Is it a...

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