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  • password entropy

    Password entropy is a measurement of how unpredictable a password is. Password entropy is based on the character set used (which is expansible by using lowercase, uppercase, numbers as well as...

  • password blacklist

    A password blacklist is a list of words disallowed as user passwords due to their commonplace use. Blacklists may also incorporate rules to prevent the use of common passwords with frequently-used...

  • Five laptop finder products offer security after a device loss

    Laptops get lost or stolen every day. But an organization can soften the blow by implementing a laptop tracking system before devices go missing. An effective laptop finder protects sensitive data and helps locate the device wherever it lands....

  • Using to test Web browser compatibility with applications

    One of the biggest challenges that enterprise desktop administrators face is Web browser and application compatibility. User complaints will be familiar, regardless of whether IT is providing upgrades to Windows 7, Internet Explorer 11, new code...

  • Six endpoint management lessons from POS security breaches

    When it comes to compliance with security regulations, every retailer is doing just fine. At least that's what management, internal auditing and compliance officers will proclaim. Then it happens -- that big breach that's only supposed to hit...

  • Don't forget enterprise password protection in a merger or acquisition

    Data security is always a Windows admin priority, but be ready to explain the importance of enterprise password control during a merger or acquisition.

  • password strength meter

    A password strength meter is an indicator, either in graphical or text form, of the strength of a password as entered by a user. A password strength meter shows how resistant a given...

  • What you need to know about the Windows Security Accounts Manager

    These five capabilities of Security Accounts Manager, which is built into Windows, can help IT manage and enforce enterprise password management.

  • Ensure compliance with Windows BitLocker encryption using MBAM 2.0

    In my previous article on Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring, we looked at how MBAM can help with...

  • Microsoft takes aim at passwords

    Microsoft says it is determined to solve the problem of ineffective authentication that relies on usernames and passwords

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