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  • July 2014 Oracle CPU: Java security problems persist

    Oracle Corp.'s third quarterly Critical Patch Update of 2014 delivered fixes for a total 113 vulnerabilities across 13 of its product lines, including patches for a number of serious Java vulnerabilities that highlight the security risk of...

  • VDI storage basics and persistent versus non-persistent desktops

    A look at the fundamentals of VDI storage and how to specify storage for likely workloads and persistent versus non-persistent desktops.

  • Security, control persist as file sync-and-share challenges

    In the days before universal connectivity, file-sync features provided an easy way for users to synchronize files and folders to their laptops and then work with them offline. The next time the user connected to the network, any updates made by...

  • Know how persistent VDI, project size affect storage

    VDI expert Brian Madden explains why it's important to pick a storage vendor that's scalable and can support persistent VDI before buying.

  • Advanced persistent threats: Has the industry moved on?

    Precise language may be the realm of editors, but there was a time -- not that long ago -- when any discussion of computer security's latest attacks had to include an overwrought dismissal of the acronym APT, Advanced Persistent Threat....

  • Finding and fixing Office 2013 installation problems

    The move to Microsoft Office 2013 is often smooth and uneventful, allowing computer users to take advantage of the many advanced features and design improvements that the Office suite provides. But successful software installations are never...

  • Where data persistence and large volume sets collide

    Data persistence can be problematic because it is often related to how an application is functioning.

  • Watch Windows 8.1 app compatibility even after Update 1

    The original release of Windows 8 was heralded as a breakthrough -- a unification of operating system code bases intended to support both traditional desktops and mobile devices. While Windows 8 was largely considered a stable and reliable step...

  • Why persistence pays off

    All the most successful football teams keep on battling to the final whistle. In their pomp, Liverpool were famous for scoring winners in injury time. Manchester United won the European Cup with two goals after the ninetieth minute. Keep on...

  • Five laptop finder products offer security after a device loss

    Laptops get lost or stolen every day. But an organization can soften the blow by implementing a laptop tracking system before devices go missing. An effective laptop finder protects sensitive data and helps locate the device wherever it lands....

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