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  • Universal apps may be the Trojan horse for Windows 8 adoption

    Microsoft's universal apps have developers and some IT admins interested in delivering Windows Phone 8.1 into the enterprise.

  • Are universal apps, Windows 8.1 updates enough to entice IT shops?

    Microsoft unveiled a Windows 8.1 update and vowed to help developers create universal apps that run across Windows devices ranging from phones to Xbox One.

  • Can I plug a USB drive into a phone with a micro-USB connector?

    This week, our expert answers a question on how to connect a phone or tablet to a USB drive with a micro-USB connector.

  • Windows Phone 8 deployment flies high at Delta Air

    Delta has completed a Nokia 820 Windows Phone 8 deployment to 19,000 flight attendants -- a much-needed endorsement for Microsoft's mobile phone.

  • Windows 8 open source media player provides alternative for users

    Since Songbird isn't yet available for Windows 8, are there any open source options?

    The cross-platform, open source music player Songbird was discontinued in June 2013. However, Nightingale is an application that was created from...

  • Windows 8.1 user interface improves on previous Windows 8 features

    Although Windows 8.1 is far from the total redo that some critics had hoped for, Microsoft's latest desktop release is jampacked with new features and a revised user interface. Let's take a look at some of the best new Windows 8.1...

  • dual-SIM phone

    A dual SIM phone is a mobile phone, typically a smart phone, with the capacity to use two subscriber identity module (SIM) cards. A SIM card is a smart card that stores data for the owner, ...

  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 updates to bring back familiar features

    Bowing to market pressure, Microsoft's Windows 8.1 updates will enhance usability for non-touchscreen devices, expand Windows 8 hardware design requirements and improve compatibility with older versions of Internet Explorer.

    The latest...

  • iPhone 5s

    iPhone 5s is a smartphone from Apple that runs the iOS 7 operating system  (OS) and is powered by a 64-bit dual-core A7 processor, which Apple claims to be 2X faster than the A6 chip from the iPhone 5.

  • Microsoft mobile, cloud strategy hold key to transforming its future

    With a new CEO, a mobile hardware lineup and some success in the cloud, Microsoft's transformation is well under way. Now, IT pros wonder how Microsoft will reconcile its legacy in software with its broad mobility and cloud service...

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