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  • Microsoft Windows 8 Modern

    Microsoft Windows 8 Modern (formerly called Metro) is the Microsoft user interface initially released with the Windows 8 operating system.

  • Five laptop finder products offer security after a device loss

    Laptops get lost or stolen every day. But an organization can soften the blow by implementing a laptop tracking system before devices go missing. An effective laptop finder protects sensitive data and helps locate the device wherever it lands....

  • Are universal apps, Windows 8.1 updates enough to entice IT shops?

    Microsoft promised this week to deliver universal apps and highlighted new Windows enterprise features to entice IT into the Windows 8.1 camp.

    The software behemoth also offered developers at the Build 2014 conference a glimpse of...

  • More Mac OS tips may remind desktop admins of Windows functions

    The Mac OS is on a small but significant number of desktops in the enterprise, and Macs are more common in education and where graphics-intensive applications are used. IT administrators who may be familiar with only Windows desktops have nothing...

  • Windows 8.1 user interface improves on previous Windows 8 features

    Although Windows 8.1 is far from the total redo that some critics had hoped for, Microsoft's latest desktop release is jampacked with new features and a revised user interface. Let's take a look at some of the best new Windows 8.1...

  • Dell KACE K1000 v6.0 to bring enhanced systems management controls

    Dell Software plans to release a major update to its KACE K1000 systems management appliance in May with a sleeker user interface and enhanced security and IT controls.

    Originally scheduled for release by the end of the first quarter of...

  • Windows XP migration tools cut albatross from IT's neck

    Dell Software releases new upgrade to KACE K2000 to enable IT to better automate tasks and migrate off of Windows XP more quickly.

  • MBAM 2.0 simplifies large-scale Microsoft BitLocker implementations

    BitLocker encryption can be an effective way to protect sensitive data on a desktop, yet implementing Microsoft BitLocker in the enterprise is no small undertaking. Managing encryption on multiple systems can be a complex process that leaves...

  • IT unimpressed by Windows 8.1 as Microsoft readies Windows 9

    Microsoft is expected to show off a roadmap for its Windows 9 client operating system this spring, but it's unlikely to excite most IT shops, given their lackluster embrace of Microsoft's currently shipping OS, Windows 8.1.


  • Windows 8 laptop reviews for business PC buyers

    As the countdown to Windows XP's end of life...

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