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  • Are universal apps, Windows 8.1 updates enough to entice IT shops?

    Microsoft promised this week to deliver universal apps and highlighted new Windows enterprise features to entice IT into the Windows 8.1 camp.

    The software behemoth also offered developers at the Build 2014 conference a glimpse of...

  • Where will XP stalwarts go after the end of Windows XP support?

    Despite the end of Microsoft's Windows XP support, many IT shops are sticking with the OS, and there are third-party options for security support.

  • Watch Windows application compatibility when moving from Windows XP

    What's the top application-compatibility concern with moving from Windows XP?

    Moving off of Windows XP might just be the IT challenge of 2014. Should you stay? Should you go? Every vendor, researcher, analyst and consultant...

  • social shopping

    Social shopping is a type of e-commerce that seeks to involve people with similar tastes in an online shopping experience.

  • Windows XP death expected to resuscitate the PC industry

    The Windows XP end of life could revive the breathless PC industry as enterprise IT shops buy new systems to upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8.

  • Universal apps may be the Trojan horse for Windows 8 adoption

    Universal apps that run across all Windows 8 devices have caught the attention of IT professionals considering Microsoft's mobile device deployments.

    Microsoft's new...

  • End of Windows XP support brings IT to a fork in the road

    Microsoft finally ended Windows XP support this week, putting to rest one of its most stable operating systems ever while delivering the Windows 8.1 Update.

    How IT shops get to the newer version of Windows depends on their needs, but one...

  • Post-XPalypse: Surviving a world changed by Windows 8.1 features

    Windows XP support is soon to expire, so many organizations will be upgrading their desktops to Windows 8. Microsoft's latest operating system has raised almost as many questions for enterprise desktop administrators as it addressed prior...

  • Why was the Windows XP lifespan so long?

    Microsoft will cease providing technical assistance for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. Alas, the appetite for desktops has changed in favor of more portable, power-saving devices, perhaps with touchscreens. In addition, cloud computing and...

  • Five Mac tips for Windows desktop admins straddling two OSes

    Desktop support techs are coming to grips with the fact that more and more Macs are showing up in the workplace and, even worse, on their service tickets. If the mental calisthenics of switching among Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 weren't...

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