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  • soft zoning

    Soft zoning is used to allocate resources and control access in a storage-area network (SAN).

  • IBM launches new SoftLayer cloud initiatives; more news

    IBM launches cloud initiatives to drive partner sales

    IBM announced the launch of several new initiatives today that are intended to support SoftLayer, an IBM company providing cloud infrastructure, and IBM partners develop, market and...

  • IT can tackle Windows configuration with a well-planned desktop audit

    When was the last time you audited your Windows desktop environment to ensure that the proper policies and standards are being met? If you're like many network managers I work with, you're lucky to have a standard desktop image that gets rolled...

  • soft reset

    A soft reset is a restart of a device, such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop or personal computer (PC). The action closes applications and clears any data in RAM (random access memory). Unsaved data in current use may be lost but...

  • SanDisk FlashSoft 3.2

    SanDisk FlashSoft 3.2 server-based caching software has advanced algorithms to identify frequently accessed data for caching on solid-state devices.

  • If you're not using Windows Sysinternals tools, you should be

    The tools that are available to IT administrators in Windows Sysinternals can make work a lot easier, but many people don't even know about the free suite.

    The tools that come with Windows and Windows Server will help you put out fires,...

  • Microsoft's internal Project XP seeks to migrate Windows XP businesses

    Microsoft wants to migrate Windows XP businesses' customers to newer operating systems and is pushing that agenda with an internal program aptly dubbed Project XP.

    However, vendors such as Google Inc. and Mozilla Corp. are undermining...

  • PeopleSoft 9.2 Update Manager explained

    In this podcast, MIPRO Consulting representatives discuss how to best take advantage of PeopleSoft 9.2's Update Manager, and describe its benefits.

  • Outsourcing: The soft underbelly of cyber risks

    Controls imposed on suppliers that are not the same as those imposed internally is a soft underbelly that can expose a business to cyber risk

  • Datatec issues new profit warning, Westcon still soft

    Datatec, the South Africa-based parent of Logicalis and Westcon, has warned the financial markets that it expects...

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