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  • Five steps for successful bot removal from enterprise desktops

    A few years ago, I worked on a project that investigated more than 10,000 computers that had been made into a botnet because of a targeted malware attack. Weak security practices, such as no vulnerability testing and an overreliance on...

  • Why was the Windows XP lifespan so long?

    Microsoft will cease providing technical assistance for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. Alas, the appetite for desktops has changed in favor of more portable, power-saving devices, perhaps with touchscreens. In addition, cloud computing and...

  • More remote Group Policy Object settings and checking refresh status

    Admins can refresh Group Policy Object settings across multiple computers, but they must verify that Group Policy settings have successfully changed.

  • Ten hidden Windows command prompt tricks

    You can also type "CMD" in the address bar of Windows Explorer to get to the Windows location of your choice. All you need to do is go to the folder location of your

  • Microsoft mobile, cloud strategy hold key to transforming its future

    With a new CEO, a mobile hardware lineup and some success in the cloud, Microsoft's transformation is well under way. Now, IT pros wonder how Microsoft will reconcile its legacy in software with its broad mobility and cloud service...

  • succession planning

    Succession planning is the process of identifying internal candidates for leadership or other key roles within a company.

  • A PDF reader reinstall might fix a doc that won't open in Windows 7

    To successfully open a PDF in Windows 7, you may have to overcome problems such as corrupt files or the PDF reader itself.

  • Consider GIMP as an Adobe Photoshop alternative for graphics editing

    There is a bitmapped, open source graphics application that might be the perfect tool for your company. Going by the strange name GIMP, it is a full-featured graphics editor with tons of features; scripting; and a fast, straightforward...

  • Microsoft's cloud initiative, streamlined transition gives hope

    Microsoft's cloud initiative and transition into a streamlined organization continues, but whether enterprise IT will commit to all of the software giant's changes remains to be seen.

    Windows 8's radically new...

  • Five things to keep in mind as Windows XP end of life approaches

    Sometimes the cost of not doing anything is higher than the cost of taking action. That could very well be the case when it comes to

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