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  • Ten hidden Windows command prompt tricks

    You can also type "CMD" in the address bar of Windows Explorer to get to the Windows location of your choice. All you need to do is go to the folder location of your

  • Ten common reasons for VM restore failure

    When a virtual machine restoration fails, it is important to troubleshoot the problem quickly. The event logs are a good starting point, but sometimes the...

  • Ten SDN blogs worth following

    2013 was a big year for SDN, and no other group had more to say about the new technology than SDN bloggers. We rounded up ten SDN blogs worth reading.

  • Internal cloud toolkit: Ten questions to ask

    What's one thing you need to know before you start an internal cloud project? The answer is the end goal -- the reason for doing it -- in the form of a list of questions with quantifiable answers attached.

    That was the message cloud...

  • Ten common reasons why virtual machine backups fail

    In spite of an administrator's best efforts, virtual machine backups sometimes fail. When this happens, you must quickly determine the cause of the failure....

  • Ten mobile UC questions to ask UC vendors before buying

    Editor's note: In part six of our series on assessing mobile collaboration for the enterprise, we look at how to evaluate UC vendors. Nemertes Research analyst Philip Clarke lists the mobile UC questions that should be part of...

  • Ten tips for enterprise collaboration strategy success

    Successful enterprise social collaboration isn't based on luck. It's based on time-honored, tested best practices. Dawn Lacallade, the director of...

  • Carillion outsources BPO and IT in ten-year deal

    Construction giant Carillion has signed an integrated IT and BPO agreement with Indian IT services firm Wipro for the next decade.

    Wipro will take over the IT infrastructure and applications, as well as HR and finance...

  • Ten social media KPIs: Demystifying social media monitoring tools

    As companies begin to delve further into social media monitoring, one of the challenges is how to choose appropriate key performance indicators by which to measure conversation on social platforms.

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  • Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database

    The Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database is an in-memory relational database in which all data is located in random access memory (RAM).

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