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  • Setting criteria for comparing and selecting Web app monitoring tools

    There may not be one Web app monitoring tool that can do everything, but identifying the functions you need and negotiating with vendors can help.

  • New application usage analysis tool helps IT lower Office license costs

    CloudIT's application usage analysis tool tracks how often users actively use apps like Office to help IT pros ditch unnecessary software licenses.

  • Check Windows Store apps for Windows 8 compatibility

    How should I deal with app incompatibility with Windows 8?

    Windows Store apps are created for the Windows 8 operating system and go through a rigorous testing and certification process before being accepted into the store. Desktop...

  • The Rufus USB tool may ease building bootable Windows flash drives

    Find out about a quick, free alternative to the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool -- the open source Reliable USB Formatting Utility.

  • Windows XP migration tools help IT ward off upgrade hassles

    The OS still has some hardcore supporters, but Windows XP migration tools can help pave the way for users to access legacy Web-based data and apps.

  • How to bypass the kinks in Windows 8.1 deployment

    Windows 8.1 deployment tools can ease the switch from Windows XP to Windows 8.1, but be aware of compatibility issues and third-party utilities.

  • Office Telemetry reports on Office 2013 docs and apps

    Office Telemetry is a monitoring system introduced in Office 2013 for gathering, consolidating and presenting information about an organization's Office documents and Office-related products. It includes components to collect usage data about...

  • host intrusion prevention systems (HIPS)

    A host intrusion prevention system (HIPS) is a security method that relies on third-party software tools to monitor network traffic and system activities for anomalous code behavior to identify and prevent malicious activities.

  • New Microsoft Office 2013 features you need to know about

    Although some people may consider Office 2013 to be a relatively minor release, the 2013 version is jam-packed with new features. Here are some of the most significant new Microsoft Office 2013 features that both end users and IT administrators...

  • Dell PCs to live on as vector for software, services

    IT shops that continue to use Dell PCs needn't worry about the longevity of Dell's computer hardware business.

    At a recent Dell analyst meeting, the private company communicated its continued focus on PCs and other hardware. Turns out,...

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