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  • Avoid these assumptions about Windows 8.1 security

    Now that all the hype over Windows XP's end of life is simmering down, many enterprises are making the move to Windows 8.1. That's...

  • Finding and fixing Office 2013 installation problems

    The move to Microsoft Office 2013 is often smooth and uneventful, allowing computer users to take advantage of the many advanced features and design improvements that the Office suite provides. But successful software installations are never...

  • Admins planning for extended XP support must reduce security exposure

    Every enterprise data center requires consistency and support, ensuring that each platform will perform reliably, provide desired functionality and receive timely updates when flaws are revealed. Microsoft Windows XP emerged as the epitome of...

  • Six endpoint management lessons from POS security breaches

    When it comes to compliance with security regulations, every retailer is doing just fine. At least that's what management, internal auditing and compliance officers will proclaim. Then it happens -- that big breach that's only supposed to hit...

  • Using XSS filtering to mitigate XSS vulnerabilities

    A vulnerability found in Web browsers allows malware to bypass XSS filters. Michael Cobb explains how to address the issue.

  • Dropbox finally fixes security vulnerability

    Cloud-based file syncing and sharing service Dropbox has taken steps to fix a security vulnerability, but only after media attention to the issue

  • zero-day vulnerability

    A zero-day vulnerability is a flaw in software, hardware or firmware that is exploited as soon as or before it becomes generally known to the public.

  • Watch Windows application compatibility when moving from Windows XP

    What's the top application-compatibility concern with moving from Windows XP?

    Moving off of Windows XP might just be the IT challenge of 2014. Should you stay? Should you go? Every vendor, researcher, analyst and consultant...

  • Where will XP stalwarts go after the end of Windows XP support?

    The end of official Windows XP support is not all bad news. Microsoft plans to provide signature updates for its anti-malware application for another year or so. But support for the operating system itself is going away, and enterprise desktops...

  • Another serious OpenSSL vulnerability patched

    Patched soon after Heartbleed, a new widespread OpenSSL vulnerability could expose potential victims to man-in-the middle attacks.

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