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  • Six endpoint management lessons from POS security breaches

    When it comes to compliance with security regulations, every retailer is doing just fine. At least that's what management, internal auditing and compliance officers will proclaim. Then it happens -- that big breach that's only supposed to hit...

  • zero-day vulnerability

    A zero-day vulnerability is a flaw in software, hardware or firmware that is exploited as soon as or before it becomes generally known to the public.

  • Watch Windows application compatibility when moving from Windows XP

    What's the top application-compatibility concern with moving from Windows XP?

    Moving off of Windows XP might just be the IT challenge of 2014. Should you stay? Should you go? Every vendor, researcher, analyst and consultant...

  • Where will XP stalwarts go after the end of Windows XP support?

    The end of official Windows XP support is not all bad news. Microsoft plans to provide signature updates for its anti-malware application for another year or so. But support for the operating system itself is going away, and enterprise desktops...

  • Steering your career as a desktop admin in the mobility age

    As you already know if you've worked in enterprise IT for any length of time, change is inevitable. The desktop has evolved from a static canvas where each user's picture looked pretty much the same to a wildly dynamic playground where each user...

  • IT can tackle Windows configuration with a well-planned desktop audit

    When was the last time you audited your Windows desktop environment to ensure that the proper policies and standards are being met? If you're like many network managers I work with, you're lucky to have a standard desktop image that gets rolled...

  • Cross-platform networks cause UC vulnerabilities

    Cross-platform communication is particularly susceptible to data attacks. What can IT do to mitigate security vulnerabilities in UC environments?

  • Prevent authentication vulnerabilities in enterprise applications

    The recent Django authentication flaw highlights the importance of testing for authentication vulnerabilities. Michele Chubirka explains how.

  • Before you clone HDD to SSD, know the benefits and danger to data

    How can I clone a hard drive to an SSD, and is it a good idea?

    Technically, you can clone a hard disk drive (HDD) to whatever media you'd like -- an...

  • Five steps for successful bot removal from enterprise desktops

    A few years ago, I worked on a project that investigated more than 10,000 computers that had been made into a botnet because of a targeted malware attack. Weak security practices, such as no vulnerability testing and an overreliance on...

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