Enterprise Desktop Tips | Page 17
  • Comparing Office 365 vs. Office 2016

    Microsoft's Office 2016 for the desktop might seem like the de facto option for delivering productivity apps to users, but its cloud-based cousin Office 365 offers more flexibility.

  • Explore three Windows 10 password alternatives

    Passwords have long ruled the authentication world, but they're not infallible. Microsoft added authentication options in Windows 10, including more Windows Hello and effective PINs.

  • Don't forget about OS X and Linux

    Many IT shops don't give a second thought to supporting Mac and Linux OSes because they're concerned with standardization. Windows is the go-to, but alternative OSes deserve some love.

  • What MDM can do for desktop admins

    Managing an eclectic collection of devices is challenging, but IT administrators just need to establish policies and find a mobile device management tool to help enforce them.